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  1. On a fantasy note... Who the hell is left from this roster to finish strong? If there is anyone... Assuming Ball is done and Bron is eased out, probably Kuz too (hell maybe even Rondo), is there anyone left worth keeping an eye on? Hart, Bullock maybe. Both are streaky players; more minutes, more production. Anyone else?
  2. Posted what? And I didn't say anyone was saying that. I said IF... I am merely trying to prevent a fiasco.
  3. Doc Rivers seems to luv Pat Bev, and how can you not? Next time you watch a Clippers game (like the one last night where he tore my Lakers to shreds defensively), watch him rather than the ball, on D#. The amount of chaos and turmoil he causes on the opposite end of the floor is beyond envious; its f***in sick. Potentially my pick up of the year, and this is coming from someone who managed to snag Brook Lopez earlier on.
  4. Dropped for Wes Matthews in a 12 team 9-cat. Barton is still a good hold, though, but he only has one good year under his belt (last year). Forwards in general are extremely scarce this year. So if you are going to drop him, make damn sure you have a surplus in forwards or that it is for another forward. It would also be wise to only exchange him for somebody consistent (because Barton is one of the best flyers available).
  5. He fouled out in 19 minutes. That's f'in foul trouble. But that's the reason why I LUV this guy. He'll lay a frekin egg every now and then, almost always due to fouls (i.e. effort), and then drop a double double w/ 6 blocks the next 3 or 4 games. If you even suggest dropping him, your mind must be filled with poop.
  6. Sent to the G League? That's kind've a dickhead move for a guy averaging 16 pts 6 asts 3 reb and 1.5 steals < 30 min over his past 4 games. What more do ya want Coach Fiz, a frekin reach-around ?? Sigh. Not all hope is lost, I guess. Isaiah Thomas was 'sent to the G-League' about 2 or 3 days prior to his debut last week. Still a bunch of bullsh!t, nonetheless.
  7. 34 min 4/7 fg .571 0/0 ft's 1 3pt 12 reb 4 ast 1 stl 1 blk 1 t/o 9 pts not to mention a win over OKC. Plus, AD went down tonight. Which could be an excuse for the Pelicans, whether or not he is hurt badly, to sit him the remainder of the season. Meaning more minutes to go around, although KW seems to be fine getting minutes despite the presence of AD. WE GOOD
  8. I have Brook too, he is literally perfect for my team. Picked him up off the waivers in October Great point on finding players with low TOs that don't hurt you in categories they do not contribute much. I never thought of it that way, but it makes total sense mathematically. LOL popcorn stats.
  9. I had a hypothesis that I would upgrade to a theory but I want an entire year of data which I will need to keep. That could be a while being I still can't remember to log my frekin mileage for my 2nd job. So just hear me out, and see if you notice this occurring in one of your leagues (9-cat more specifically). My hypothesis is in regards punting and stacking categories. I believe that the 3 non-counting categories are more valuable to your team than the other 6. Here's why. Consider the following scenario. Assume you draft a well rounded team who's FT%'s
  10. Yo this guy is sick. Those were not fluke passes, fluke shots or fluke ankles he broke. This dude has clearly been working on his game, and with a new contract, now he has the confidence to put it on full display. Hopefully his coach has the capacity to as well, and I think he will. Couple of things - he was All Defensive Team as a senior at Arizona, and he was also All Defensive Team in the G-League last year. He also was a PG in college, but is listed as SG with the Knicks. That explains his high-level passing abilities. And clearly this kid hustles on both ends, but
  11. Had a slow start to the season, which showed some regression in his defensive stats and shooting %'s (fg and ft). So that's partly why he didn't make the all-star team, plus he just isn't a flashy household NBA name. And that hinders the fan-voting aspect of it for him. He has been killing it as of late though, and I don't see him slowing down much any time soon. Glad to have him playin his best this time of year
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