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  1. I’d keep Vuc over Westbrook, but if you want to make a move, just eye-balling your roster, I’d think I’d target a SG or SF who’ll give you more 3s. For 3’s you got Bertans and (kind of) Ingles/Porzingis contingent on opportunity/health- I’d want to solidify before playoffs
  2. I like Noel... Stocks are harder to come by and he’s giving you mid-round value in limited minutes. His value will rise if Adams is out. But really depends on what you need. I wouldn’t drop Bryant based on his last game though, try and trade
  3. Well the problem is that you want a decent PG for a player who has been anything but decent... I think you’re looking more at a Sato, Pat Bev, D.Murray, maybe Bledsoe if your lucky
  4. Thanks for tanking my FG% bro, appreciate it!
  5. Question: What’s worse than starting Turner today? Answer: Rostering BOTH Turner and Lamb today- 3pt/3rb/2ast, 4TO on 1/12 shooting- COMBINED. YAY Me!!!
  6. You’re team is stacked... Just ran into some bad luck. Just weather the storm, you’ll crush it in the playoffs. 10 team? I think it’s safe to drop Conley, he was outside the top 150 even when healthy
  7. You got the better player, coming back from injury in shorter amount of time... Easy decision, Holmes 4 for 4
  8. Yeah cash out.... Even in the best case scenario, it’s hard to imagine Zion doing what Capella is doing now
  9. You don’t want any of those guys... Keep Holmes
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