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  1. It really depends on what categories you need help with. I'd lean Bogdanovic, especially if you need scoring and 3pt help. Bagley is riskier imo but could pay off Thanks for your help on mine
  2. It's part of a trade where I'll be getting two players in return for one of mine (Porzingis is the second player that'll be replacing one of these two). I have to clear a roster spot, Oubre and Covington are my worst players.
  3. I'm leaning towards dropping Covington just because Oubre is supposed to be a top 2-3 option on his team. What do you guys think? WHIR!
  4. It looks like Haskins will be starting once again this week. Should be good for a couple turnovers...This has me siding with Panthers instead of Texans.
  5. Sabonis should have a great fantasy season but he says he is still dealing with plantar fasciitis. Anyone worried about this lingering into the season? Thinking about throwing some trades out there.
  6. Panthers vs. Washington Texans vs. Cincinnati Eagles vs. Cowboys Chargers vs. Broncos It sounds like Smith has a chance to play this week. If he plays, I'm taking them off the list. Which one do you guys like this week for the championship round?
  7. Need to stream a QB this week and can't choose between these three Rivers vs. Texans Brees vs. Chiefs Hurts vs. Cardinals Who would you go with? Thank you, WHIR!
  8. Zack Moss vs. SEA La'Mical Perine vs. NE Jordan Howard vs. AZ I'm leaning towards Moss at the moment. Who would you go with? Thank you and WHIR!
  9. What's his value looking like right now? What tier of RBs would you put him in? Better than guys like Melvin Gordon, James Robinson? WHIR!
  10. Where are you guys valuing him right now? What tier of RBs?
  11. Bump...I'm also trying to gauge Robinson's value. What tier of RBs would you put him in?
  12. Like the others said, drop Ben. Especially in a 10 teamer Thanks for your help on mine
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