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  1. I quoted both your quotes lol trench mob was just responding to my first post on what the IT guy told me. Believe me, I know it’s absurd... you would think it would be some type of finite info that can be applied across the board to all players (% of mins at said position comes to mind, since not everyone starts or plays the same amount of mins) I can def see it being frustrating when you are watching a game and see “player X” log a majority of mins in 3/4 games at center but he’s listed as forward
  2. I followed up with “so there’s no finite amount of mins or games played at position to make a change or add?” he said I was correct
  3. Straight from the horse’s mouth ”Position eligibility is determined by a combination of box score data, past performance, outside websites that track positional data and few of our trusted reporters. Adding and changing position eligibility is rare, however certain trends may result in updating a player’s eligibility”
  4. It’s based on mins at the position... but even then it’s up to sites statisticians 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. Now why can’t the fantasy sites let us know about these types of details... I had a hunch since it’s happened to me in years prior...I had to google “is Ricky Rubio’s wife pregnant” .. sure enough, there it is back in sept
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailynewsen.com/amp/breaking/Ricky-Rubio-and-Sarah-Colome-expecting-their-first-child-h12687.html she expected mid-January
  7. Lol mattison has been rostered since week 3 in any competitive leagues.
  8. I sold him and Teague for hield/Randle ... i was tired of him and see the shut down as eminent... where’s that thanos gif “I am inevitable” im extreme happy with the value I got back.
  9. Rubio was never a stroker.. And I’m sure the assists were def there .. but maybe I’m reading my history wrong
  10. Kat tapped to a “peace” headlock from Simmons... SAWFT AF!!! #notmyfirstroundpick
  11. Think it’s for the B2B coming up Thursday/Friday
  12. Been pretty clear suspended players don’t receive IL eligibility. lets break it down why by using an analogy. When you get sick, and miss time from work. Majority of companies have sick pay or at least vacation. It’s an excused time off. if you are SUSPENDED from your job. You get nothing. No paid time off. It’s unexcused. thats how it’s always been. Suspensions suck, but coming here and whining about it is poor form on your part. And so does calling someone pathetic. I agree with mobdad
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