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  1. im never ever ever again rostering ******** donovan mitchell
  2. you ******** ballhogging brick throwing bum
  3. *swaggy p (profile pic) meme in full effect*
  4. please papi, forgive me for benching you tonight and not believing in ur capabilities (even tho u are questionable)
  5. he quite literally cock blocks his own team and i still dont understand what he gets out of it
  6. bud is a full on idiot, glad they got dropped last summer against the heat...dude was playing giannis and middleton 28-30mins in some games which were ridiculously close
  7. someone get this guy a cut, needs it badly...might blossom with one
  8. aaaaaaaaand hes done for the night
  9. hes either scoring in 20s and having less then 10 rebs or scoring in mid 10s and having 15+ rebs
  10. spankbang and xfantazy my fav beat writers
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