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  1. mlb list has effectively not been updated in 18 months tbh expect a radiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicaly different mlb list when they do update as callis as has already insinuated such
  2. my bad wish I had my stats guy around because he can find out what every one of those non AB Pa's were in like 3 and a half minutes flat as if its all ibb it greatly changes things and reinforces the gallo profile above
  3. its down to 29.93 after last night 304 ab 91k https://calculator.name/percentage-calculator/91$304 now regardless of the debate over the k rate im going to infer based on your profiling that you think his profile is a current joey gallo type player
  4. And almost all of the good things you mentioned were pre injury afterwards absolutely putrid and as of today after 89 games and 301 ab he is sitting at a shiny 30.23 k rate which if you didn't know is not good now you made a good point with his obp as his BB rate is 16 pct but his swing and his approach at the plate while also explaining the infield fly rate also explains the k rate but doesnt explain the BB rate hence why i asked OF is always deep to crack through i just wanted to know if we were looking at joc pederson joey gallo or austin meadows as barometer f
  5. i guess i question how real the 21.8 is tbh as nothing ive seen shows him doing anything different from the stuff that has him near 30 pct+ on his career so far
  6. I got one to contribute finally. After a ton of early hype as a 16 year old throwing 100 mph and getting big money from the Rays years ago to radio silence and then the pandemic completely shutting down his development. Sandy Gaston is finally in the FCL and debuted with 4IP 0ER 0H 3BB 7K
  7. Do we think there is any real room for growth in his K rate or is he a 220-240 30 hr kind of guy at best
  8. could very well be the Cubs closer by August with the amount of relievers they are about to trade
  9. in case people are confused the person WHO OWNS FRANCO is the crazy person in question
  10. no way you make the trade if you are which side you weren't clear on what you were actually saying
  11. prospect drops are jay groome and alexfri planez mlb is profar vogelbach walls and then its a little murky on the last one but prob abraham toro
  12. Dynasty league Side A Shohei batter Austin Meadows Trey Mancini Ian Anderson Marcus Stroman Kristian Robinson Josh Jung George Valera Current year minors 1st (owned by last place team 40 games below .500 draft order decided at all star break) 2022 minors 1st 2023 minors 1st Side B Wander Franco
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