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  1. Harris for me too. If Brooks' shot isn't falling, he's pretty much useless while Harris can help out with some supporting stats.
  2. I don't like having Griffin on my roster because he always finds a way to get injured and he burned me a lot of times in the past. I'd keep Shai just to see what heights he can reach, especially if OKC trades away Schroder and CP3.
  3. I'd definitely go with Garland. Cavs are giving him a heavy workload and he's starting to find his rhythm after missing a long time because of injury. Frank is better for stocks but still seems timid on offense. I think Garland will improve as the season goes on so I'd go with him.
  4. Hmm that's an interesting question. They both have similar opportunity but I think Powell should be entrenched as the starting center in Dallas while Holmes may or may not start when Bagley gets back. It's close but I'd go with Powell.
  5. That's a great sell high on Love. I'd definitely do it.
  6. I'd maybe wait until Griffin puts up a couple of nice lines and then I'd shop him around since he's a massive injury risk every year. If you can't afford to wait, I would maybe try to go for someone like Lonzo, IT or Rubio. Maybe you could try to give away Tristan while he's playing well for Lonzo, might be worth a try.
  7. I'd definitely drop WInslow for House. Winslow's percentages are shocking and he just hasn't been able to stay healthy so far while House is doing more than well in Houston and he gives you the stats that you need. Porter for Favors I'm not sure about. I mean, yeah, Porter has been bad up to this point and he's injured but Favors isn't the sort of player I'd drop Otto for because he's even worse health wise than Porter. But if Favors starts playing well, I'd maybe do the move.
  8. Yeah, I'd do it. He fits your needs and is the best player in the deal.
  9. No brainer in my eyes especially for your build. Dinwiddie would become more relevant if something happened to Kyrie but Randle is a much better option because he can do what he wants and his value isn't attached to a potential injury like Dinwiddie's is.
  10. Both have very good matchups for them but I think I would go with Covington. It seems to me that he's getting better game by game and he's starting to find his groove in the Minnesota's offense. With Richardson, I feel that he could go off on any night but at the same time, he could have a dud of a line so I'd rather take Covington right now. You'll most likely get defensive stats from either of them, but offensively I would feel a bit safer with Covington.
  11. I'd say Barton because of his multi cat contribution. Parker and Barnes are pretty similar so it doesn't make much sense to go for both unless you really need scoring.
  12. I think you need Turner's blocks more if that's your current team in the sig. I'd stay put.
  13. Yeah, Jokic is a great potential buy low depending on what his owner thinks of him, but that is not a buy low. KAT is better than Jokic and VanVleet is solid and is gonna be better now that Lowry is injured but SGA is a stud as well. I would stay put with Towns.
  14. It's not crazy at all. For Lillard, there isn't any other player on his team that I would take other than Giannis. If you need big man stats, go for Giannis. You have good depth in guard positions so I think you'll be fine without Lillard.
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