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  1. Hurst ..... no doubt. Fells had a nice game or two but is only getting a couple of targets per game. Indy's te position is a mess for fantasy purposes ... three guys with ever changing roles ... the floor is way too low for burton with not enough upside. Hurst has underwhelmed but he definitely has the highest floor since he is getting a steady diet of 5+ targets per game and he has the highest ceiling since he has the best chance to find the endzone
  2. i think you are overvaluing Kelce/Kittle ...... yes, you now have an advantage at TE .... but you gave up the advantage you used to have at FLEX. Mixon is definitely more valuable than Kittle, and Ertz is more valuable than Hardman because of his position ..... Hardman is borderline waiver wire fodder in a 10-team league thanks for the help with mine
  3. thanks for the help w/ mine Brutal call for you ... they are all top RBs in the "must start" catagory ..... but if I had to bench one it would probably be Sanders simply because he has the toughest matchup facing the Ravens defense. Though you may be better off simply throwing darts.
  4. mixon has a tough matchup .... I lean Jones slightly
  5. thanks ... if I thought I could get more for one of my QBs ..... (or semething decent for Cam) ... I definitely would..... but so far I am getting little to no interest in those guys. And having 2 top-5 QB'd (and a 3rd top-10 QB) is sorta wasted when 2 of them are on the bench each week,
  6. Ouch .... I go Cole .... I think he has the highest floor (not that that is saying much) since he as at least getting the most consistent targets each week. Davis has big play potential, but he also has 3 weeks of only 1 or 2 targets....and Buffalo plays a tough KC defense .... plus John Brown practiced Friday. Pascal has the same problem with inconsistent targets. Here's hoping Charl plays, but if not I definitely go Cole. help with mine? https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/828097-my-josh-allen-for-terry-mclaurin/
  7. at this point its redundant, but Cousins, hands down.
  8. your right there in the ballpark where he has to consider it... in a 10-team league I think he would be hard pressed to find a better deal .... though I am much more willing to part with one of those guys with Cam as #3 than Goff ............ in a 10-team league I'd probably just cut Goff
  9. It's looks like a fair deal ... and probably worth making. If you break the trade down into parts, here is how I see it: 1) You get a small upgrade at RB moving from Jacobs to Henry. And, technically, you are getting the best guy in the deal. 2) On paper, you down grade some at WR going form Godwin to Crowder ..... but in reality the WR swap this could swing big either way ... it's a big win for you if Godwin's injury woes continue ... or a huge win for him if Godwin is healed and returns to his old self. But even factoring the uncertainty, Godwin has WR2 value, while crowder is borderline WR3. You do have depth at WR, though, whick heps. 3) But then you also get Drake, a borderline RB#2 or Flex#1 .... which makes up for the downgrade and risk you are taking at WR. 4) The final issue is who you have to drop to make room for this 2-for-3 swap. As long as you have some weak waiver wire fodder to drop, this looks like a good deal for you. But if you have a deep bench and would have to drop somebody of value, then the deal is closer to a wash..... it's still a fair deal, but less upside. help w/ mine? Thanks! https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/828097-my-josh-allen-for-terry-mclaurin/
  10. Agree.... the value is more than fair and you need an RB more than a WR. Plus you can stop worrying about /Godwin's injury status week to week
  11. I have been offered the following trade" I Give: Josh Allen I Get: Terry Mclaurin At first glance I know this trade looks awful, but I think it may actually improve my team It's a 10-team standard Yahoo League (QB, 2xRB, 2xWR, Flex, TE, K, Def) ... here's my team: QB: Josh Allen; Kyler Murray; Cam Newton RB: Alvin Kamara; Miles Sanders; David Montgomery; D'Andre Swift WR: Tyler Lockett: Calvin Ridley; Mike Evans; Diontae Johnson; Jarvis Landry, Brandon Aiyuk TE: Travis Kelce K: Zane Gonzalez Def: Baltimore I just got this offer from the guy who lost Prescott. He is already offering me his best WR... and he only has 2 rbs worth a damn (Mixon and Josh Jacobs) and they are untouchable.....so countering for somebody other than McLaurin isn't really an option. I obviously have a glut of QB's and it does me no good to keep all 3 of them. Mclaurin is a solid WR2 and it would give my bench some solid depth heading into BYE season. Although Allen has more pure value than Mclaurin, Allen is redundant on my team. Overall, my team loses very little value without him. If I though there was a better deal out there I would pass for sure ... but the only guy w/ QB trouble (the guy has Matt Ryan) shot all may offers down cold. So, what do you think ..... should I make the deal? Or am I crazy for even considering it? Thanks in advance .......WHIR
  12. thanks for the help on mine I'd pass ... you get a nice bump at WR but you are destroying you TE slot. Engram is borderline worthless ..... you can probably find a better TE than Engram on your waiver wire right now. Engram has been sitting untouched on the waiver wire since week 2 in a couple of my leagues
  13. thanks for the help with mine that trade scares me ..... if Godwin were healthy it would be a good trade .... but Godwin is about to miss his second game of the season. I fee; like the other guy is trying to pawn offf his damaged goods on you .... (full disclosure: I own a couple shares of Godwin so he isn't my fave player right now) The upside is there, but ton of risk....so depends on where you are in the league. If you are in good shape, I'd play it safe and pass. If you need to make a big move to get out of the cellar, then the risk just might be worth it.
  14. Trying to decide which 2 RB to start: 1: David Montgomery 2: Melvin Gordon 3:David Singletary Montgomery has been up and down but should see a big boost with Cohen Gone Gordon laid last week and this weeks game is a mess and impossibly to figure out with Denver going with Rypien in a toilet bowl game vs. the Jets I am woried Singletary is going to lose significant touches since it looks like Zack Moss will be back ... and Singletary was just ok the first couple of weeks when both backs were in. I feel like all three guys low RB#2 guys with a mix of upside and risk ... need you help deciding ...and with Gordon going tonight, I need to make the decision today. Thanks in advance ....WHIR! I
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