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  1. America League East: NYY Central: CWS West: HOU Wild Cards: MIN & OAK ALCS: NYY over HOU AL MVP: Matt Olson AL Cy Young: Gerrit Cole AL ROY: Andrew Vaughn National League: East: ATL Central: STL West: LAD Wild Cards: SD & WAS NLCS: ATL over SD NL MVP: Fernando Tatis Jr. NL Cy Young: Ian Anderson NL ROY: Christian Pache WORLD SERIES: Atlanta Braves over New York Yankees
  2. 1. Clint Frazier hits 30+ hr's 2. Nick Madrigal wins the batting title 3. Dansby Swanson finishes as a top 5 shortstop 4. Christian Pache wins Gold Glove and NL ROY 5. Corbin Burnes finishes top 5 in Cy Young 6. Kyle Tucker goes 30/30 7. Byron Buxton goes 30/30 and finishes top 5 in MVP
  3. I would put CMC a tier ahead of Kamara, personally (in tier 1 with only Saquon). When it comes to skill-set and their output thus far, I think they're pretty equal. The only reason I knock Kamara down a tier is because of the unknown in future years. How will Brees' eventual replacement affect his production? His contract status, as you've stated. I think those are both important things to consider when placing players in rankings/tiers. In a standard, non-dynasty league I'd place them in the same tier. With dynasty, however, you have to consider those other things when considering someo
  4. Interested in seeing the rules and such. Please send the info to valdy34@yahoo.com Thanks
  5. I am interested. Currently run a fantasy league that's been going strong for 10+ years. Am in a dynasty baseball league and am interested in getting into dynasty football. Thanks, valdy34@yahoo.com
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