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  1. Blue Jays' George Springer: Leaves Tuesday's game 10 hrs ago | Springer (knee) was removed during the seventh inning of Tuesday's game against Baltimore after showing some discomfort while running the bases, Ben Nicholson-Smith of Sportsnet.ca reports. Springer was activated from the injured list Monday after missing just over two weeks with a knee injury, and he exited Tuesday's contest after appearing to be in some discomfort while making a hard stop when rounding second base. According to Hazel Mae of Sportsnet, the Blue Jays labeled his removal a precaution, so he could be back in the lineup Wednesday. Springer went 0-for-4 with a pair of strikeouts before his exit, and Jarrod Dyson replaced him in center field. Sigh.
  2. He isn't the most injury prone but George Springer deserves an honorable mention.
  3. Anyone hear if he is going to play today (Friday) or this weekend?
  4. Carrasco scheduled to start on Friday:
  5. I would ban the steroid users, etc. who cheated the game and nullify their career numbers. Career home run leader is Hank Aaron. Period. The gonzo stats put up by chemical cheaters belong in their own category. Say that Bonds is the career leader in home runs among the banned but don't compare his career numbers to those who didn't cheat their way to elevate themselves from "great player but not someone who would ever rewrite anything in the record books" to "legend who re-wrote the record books and put up numbers that no clean player will likely ever touch." If Rose bet on baseball only after his playing career was done, then it would be an easy call to let him in for me. I would put him in the HOF as a player and maintain his ban from holding any role within baseball. Since he bet while a player and against his own team, that goes to competitive integrity of the game and likely warrants upholding the ban. The fact that he only did it very late in his career is the only thing that makes me waver a bit on his case for the HOF as a player because as I understand it there is no question about competitive integrity being whole for the vast majority of his career as a player.
  6. This seems like the absolute best approach. Will likely require some manufacturing adjustments from their suppliers but making it so the balls are pre-treated and nothing else is permitted is the cleanest solution by far.
  7. Do you guys think Clase still owns a share of the role in Cleveland or have they full on moved to Karinchak at this point?
  8. Pretty sure you cursed him to the IL.
  9. If he looked back and realized he missed it, should have just walked back and stepped on it. Not that hard.
  10. Same. Very frustrating. Kind of a worst case to never play but not get definitive word that he is going to be out. Just have to cross my fingers that we'll see him again with the ability to play meaningful amount of the remaining season.
  11. Anything new on him? Could really use his bat in the lineup.
  12. It is definitely fair to point out that he is striking out less often recently even if his K:BB ratio is still ghastly during that period. For example, his last 6 games have a terrible 6:0 ratio but 6 k's over 6 games is probably the most you can hope for. Based on how he has been playing lately, the ratio could be said to be more a reflection of him just not walking rather than an indication of excessive strike outs. It is still something I'm going to monitor on him but probably better to focus on the strikeout metrics.
  13. My biggest worry is still that K/BB ratio. Over the last 28 days (just my easy sorting point but maybe not so far off from the 31 games above), he has 26 K's against 2 BB's. I've got lots of OF injuries and I still just don't know if I can get behind him again. On the season he is 62:7 so this really hasn't changed this year. Last year's 30:11 wasn't great but it was much better than what we've seen from him this season.
  14. CBS lists him as probable for today. Has anyone heard anything to confirm?
  15. It isn't like Ohtani isn't capable of playing OF. Not a big risk position. My hope is they recognize how special his bat is and ease him into this for the long run. Would be good to see him regularly play OF when not pitching during visits to NL parks.
  16. His OPS over the last two weeks is .940 so while the counting stats haven't been great this seems like a good sign for the rest of the season.
  17. He's just over .900 OPS over the last three weeks and over .1100 over the past week. 7 walks against 10 K's over 3 weeks. Encouraging.
  18. Got his first home run of the season and has hit in 6 of his past 7 games. Signs of a rebound coming?
  19. If by “promotion” you mean a player turning the corner during his rookie year, then I don’t see it as being quite as rare as you do. It isn’t only future legends who go from struggling to put up xbh to getting them as the summer months arrive.
  20. I’d say the super shallow and super deep leagues are the non-dynasty leagues where you might take him based on your belief in his talent. In 10 team, you can get someone more proven than Taylor Ward whenever you want. You can also get someone with better current performance than Vaughn but that is where you have to think about the upside if the switch flips. Obviously, Richard Kimble would say he doesn’t have the potential for this year but I’m personally not ready to give up just yet. It is the same issue as Gavin Lux and other young players who are face planting so far this year. The toughest formats to hold, imo, are leagues like 15 team formats where the waiver talent is less fungible. Following his first three games, he is hitting .307 so while the counting stats aren’t there he also at least is getting hits pretty regularly over the last two weeks and has a better chance at consistent playing time and better spot in the lineup in the immediate future.
  21. "It doesn't appear to be the most minor of things." "I'm optimistic it won't be an extended absence."
  22. Up to 5th in the lineup today which is a pretty big enhancement to his potential counting numbers if it sticks.
  23. Tough start to miss for sure. Detroit is red meat. Sometimes hitting off a tee is helpful for a player, though. Hoping this past week was helpful for getting him back on line.
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