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  1. If everyone keeps every player, you'll be picking at around the 24th spot. What draft spot are you picking at? If you're picking later in the keeper rounds, I'd probably keep Mondesi and Sale. If you're picking early, I don't think I'd keep any and just take three fresh guys from the pool.
  2. Keep: Castillo, Bieber, Ramirez, Mondesi, Kluber, Olsen, Nimmo, Tucker, and Leclerc. I prefer Tucker over Moncada, especially given the price difference.
  3. This setup weighs a pitching + RP strategy heavily. Keep the ratios low and win on SVs every week and dominate hitting. That would be my strategy. I’m not sure I’d draft a starter at all.
  4. I've been avoiding Severino like the plague. Obviously, everyone is now after the shoulder inflammation. Severino pitched 18 postseason innings last year after 191 regular season ones. No thanks.
  5. Harper #1, especially given its an OBP league. JD over Jose after that. JRam is overvalued a bit this year. Draft JD and grab some steals later on in the draft to compensate.
  6. I'll be the odd man out. I like all your bolds except I'd substitute Pivetta for Osuna. Since HLDs are a category in addition to SVs, it devalues closers a bit. I'd want to keep Pivetta. I think he breaks out this season and he's on a lot of people's sleeper boards. In a keeper, he's more valuable than Osuna in this case. Good luck
  7. I like the staff. DeGrom, Bauer, Verlander should anchor you nicely. I think Hamels will be a train wreck this year, but I think you’ll be fine even if. The bullpen looks strong and with this approach you can always pickup solid guys with good ratios to help. Hitting is questionable and your banking on breakouts from a few guys. Given, I like those guys for breakouts or continued success — Conforto, Dahl (love him this year), Segura, Albies. You can’t expect to hit on all of them. It’s going to take having a quick trigger on the wire to fill those offensive holes when they arise.
  8. Unfortunately, neither of those times work for me. Do the other leagues have other draft times? x
  9. Super interested in joining. Do you have $200 snake or auction leagues available that you're confident you'll fill? Do you use leaguesafe?
  10. What’s the best draft position for 2018? I could see nabbing Trout with pick one, or taking the last position and taking 2 in the top 15. Let’s say it’s for a 12 team league.
  11. PPR league -- pick 2 RB and one flex: James White, Jordan Howard, Mixon, Thielen, Abdullah, Javorius Allen, Sterling Shepherd... Thanks!
  12. Forgot to mention, it’s PPR. Does that change it for anyone?
  13. Thanks for your help! Pick one RB and one flex: Mixon Adam Thielen Chris Thompson James White Kupp
  14. I'm think about dropping...just seems lost. He might turn it back on, but with the plethora of functional CI right now, he's not worth it
  15. Might be a decent stream against Milwaukee tomorrow
  16. Haha no. But I've got other good hitters in nice matchups that sometimes I consider playing over him
  17. Do you guys generally sit him in situations like today? i.e. lefty on the road? Or has earned must start status?
  18. Considering he hurt it on the dive in the fifth and stayed in for his at bat in the sixth, I hope it's just precautionary
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