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  1. LEAGUE RULES SUMMARY Hey guys. I've been running this league for several years. It's run on Fantrax and is modeled on the NFBC leagues. The main difference is that my league only has FA and bench moves only once per week (FAAB). The rules are posted below. Money collected and paid out through league-safe (majority vote). Payouts are $1200/$600/$300/$150. Only 1 spot left.The draft will be on 3/15/20 @ 1PM ET. 15 teams. 1 Minute per pick. Draft order determined randomly after everyone has paid. If you have any other questions, ask here, or e-mail @ johnmichael2000usATyahoo.com
  2. I know the date is not set but do you know what time of the day the draft will be?
  3. Still openings, will be filled today though. Sent you the info to your e-mail. Anyone else? last call, fun league.
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