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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s in a committee and gets like 15 touches a game. LSU has a history of mediocre rbs besides Fournette. Super easy pass for me.
  2. Just ridiculous MLB needs to start handing down heavy fines. These dumb players complained constantly to have a longer season, Yet these idiots can’t follow basic protocol. NHL, NBA, MMA, PGA can figure it out, but MLB players selfishly only care about strip clubs, casinos, and partying. If Manfred cancels the season the entire blame is on the players, and may hurt baseball for many years to come.
  3. This is embarrassing for MLB, the first week of ball and the players can’t follow basic protocol. Players should absolutely be fined for going to strip clubs, high fiving, spitting etc. Now they need a compliance officer(babysitter) to make sure these adults can behave lol.
  4. Exactly they have enough players to “save pitchers” they are just tainting the game. They are better of just canceling the season instead of having an unbalanced playing field. Under no circumstances should some team’s be able to play less innings than other teams it’s a weak attempt.
  5. This is getting embarrassing for MLB, every other major sport can figure it out plus sports like NBA, NHL, MMA, and Soccer have wayyyyy more contact. Figure it out MLB.
  6. Yet NHL, NBA, PGA, MMA, Soccer are going smoothly and have a lot more contact. MLB just can’t figure it out.
  7. They should have just cancelled the season if they are going to mess with the integrity of the game. This along with runners starting on second in extra inning games is terrible, might as well just turn the game into softball.
  8. Right, I never said anything about more teams in the playoffs I knew it was going to be the same. Reading is hard I guess for some these days, but yeah it will be a sprint and more teams should be in the hunt.
  9. They should be able to finish the season just fine since the infection rate is only 1.8%, and the recovery rate for those is over 99%. Baseball will be fine, and may actually be more exciting if more teams are in the playoff race.
  10. That would be brutal for the angels having to pay Trout, while wasting Rendons first year while having zero consistent pitching. Trout sitting out could bury the Angels for years to come.
  11. Baseball will be fine, Manfred already said the infection rate is about 1.8% which is manageable. At least no one of significance has opted out yet. The bigger issue is the guys having kids and them having to quarantine for 14 days during the season that’s going to be a pain.
  12. Right contracting covid during the pregnancy would be really scary, but he cant also have it both ways. Covid was always going to be a risk thru this season since there's no vaccine, no one thought California was just gonna be free and clear of covid. So his stance never should have changed at all, and pretty much just proves the whole "when and where" talk was just all bs from the start is what im getting at.
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