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  1. Pretty clear he has/had covid, he’s recovering. Everyone reacts differently to covid.
  2. He’s been ridiculous all year. Just a gem. I draft/steal him every year one round before his projected round. The best.
  3. This is gonna be fun. Hope the minutes stay high.
  4. AD might be on cruise control this year but I’d still take the AD side.
  5. I couldn’t believe some of the lineups they were putting out there tonight. I know it was a blowout but man....
  6. I dropped. It felt good. I just didn’t/don’t think he gets it going this year. I’m in an 8 man league so the decision was easy.
  7. That’s good Larry, establish early dominance in the battle for bigs minutes.
  8. I think this is correct. Harden’s destiny here seems to be lower points but higher assists and efficiency. Not a terrible trade off.
  9. Really really reallly did not enjoy playing against him this week.
  10. Very fun guy to own. Shows up with a little something good every night.
  11. I’d hold. Not clear if Booker can maintain from last year with all the new guys.
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