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  1. i'm interested in joining your expansion league


    1. cruiser2948


      Shoot me an email and I'll give you details.



    2. sonofmilmascaras


      sonofmilmascaras@soulowner.org .   Thanks

    3. cruiser2948
  2. Good to know. I was considering dmg for my dynasty league (very healthy league in its 5th year) but i think i will step away from that consideration. Thanks
  3. I ran a league identical to what you are talking about. Not hard to do.
  4. I am totally down for starting an expansion team. Ive always wanted to do that but never found the oppurtunity.
  5. Interested. Been playing fantasy NFL/MLB/NBA for 15ish years. Dynasty is all i play anymore. Email: Cruiser2948@gmail.com if theres an opening.
  6. I have a 12 team 7x7 cats dynasty team Thats not in full rebuild but it absolutely could be. Email me (cruiser2948@gmail.com) if you want more info. I also posted the team earlier so if you scroll up the posts a bit, youll see it.
  7. 12 team 7x7 cats 25 man rosters 3 man minors roster- used by owner from their own prospect roster. Espn is the platform We use ProBoards for all movement And google sheets for official rosters and salaries. Lots of little details but im looking for interest first before i get into all that. Team: C Salvador Perez C KC 1B Eric Hosmer 1B SD 2B Ian Happ 2B/OF CHC 3B Mike Moustakas 3B KC SS Xander Bogaerts SS BOS OF Kyle Schwarber OF CHC OF Christian Yelich OF MIL
  8. Go ahead and invite the others bro. My buddies decided to start there own league.
  9. Me and some buddies decided to start our own dynasty league. 20 team. Free league. Potentially a buy-in for the 2nd year. 4, 5 team divisions. Espn. 40 man roster. IDP. 1 PPR. OFFENSE: 1 QB 2 HB 3 WR 1 TE 1 WR/TE 2 FLEX 1 K DEFENSE: 2 DL 4 LB 2 CB 2 S 1 Def player 4 IR 11 offense including kicker, 11 IDP. 18 bench spots. Looking to do the draft on thursday june 28th at 6:00 pm CST if we can fill the league .
  10. Ok i want the 1st team no matter what Email cruiser2948@gmail.com
  11. I have 2 buddies and we are all interested. Let me show them the teams and we may all join. Hold the teams and give me a moment.
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