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  1. Gonna shred the vikings. Good QB's this year have put up nice numbers, see no reason to think Rodgers will not have a 25 point game
  2. Laird sucks, you are hoping for 4-5 catches and 50 yards White gets that almost every week without trying GO WITH WHITE!!!!!!!!
  3. 4 points per TD pass, 6 per run 1 point per 25 pass yards, 1 pt per 10 rush -1 per INT or FL Rodgers vs Bears Tannehill vs Houston
  4. PPR, looking for a solid 10 pts Terry McLaurin vs Detroit Taylor Gabriel vs NY Giants
  5. League does not count INT or FL 4 per TD pass, 6 per rush, 1 pt per 25 pass yards, 1 per 10 rush Driskel @ Redskins Tannehill vs Jags Darnold vs Raiders
  6. I am thinking he gets more targets than Lockett vs SF
  7. Gabriel vs Eagles or Desean vs Bears? Full point per reception
  8. I think they have known for 3-4 weeks he will be close to ready now but they knew about the bye. He will be back ready to roll week 11, I see no reason to believe otherwise....
  9. How in the world do some projection sites have Kyler at or around 22-25 fantasy points this week. What the hell am I missing? SF is destroying QB's and Murray is not exactly lighting things up
  10. Minshew, gonna be a huge day for him. Do not see how he does not have 25+ points
  11. PPR flex Diontae Johnson vs Ravens DK Metcalf vs Rams Frank Gore @ Titans MIles Sanders vs Jets
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