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  1. Has anyone seen an update on his injury? Wonder if this is going to be IL stint or DTD?
  2. Based on spring training usage, I think he bats 6th vs RH pitcher and leadoff vs LH pitcher.
  3. Marquez is lucky right now. 12 base runners and only 1 run due to Turner screwing things up.
  4. Oh yea, draft position doesn't mean anything, was just my shorthand for players I liked more (at least at the time). Going against Kershaw, Bauer, etc is only downside I was really considering when deciding to start him. But with Nats/Mets mess, I'm sitting Alonso, as he gets 2 games at most.
  5. With Nats/Mets playing 2 games at most, I think the easy call is to bench Alonso?
  6. That's why I got him. But I also really like Alonso, Moncada, Bohm, and Lux (playing in COL), so doesn't feel like easy decision benching players I drafted a lot higher. Who do you bench out of that group?
  7. Really like the evolution in what he's done. He was also close to being there and hopefully the changeup puts him over the top (by that I mean a legit MLB starter). Chatter on local radio has been nothing but positive and have reinforced what you said above about some real changes to explain the results. I'm in!
  8. Not sure that I would. Haniger is an option if you don't trust him to be healthy I guess. Donaldson would probably be next to consider. Just not sure I trust Giants to give him full time AB's. Help?
  9. Sixto. Sixto's IP will be managed, but I still don't fully trust Bumgarner. Help?;
  10. Thanks. Bohm does have some hard pitching matchups and only 3 games.
  11. I think I keep Cron on bench for the 4 day week 1? Or do you see anyone I should pull? While he gets Coors benefit, LAD rotation is tough. 1B - Alonso - 3 games @ WAS vs Cron's 4 IF - Lux (Albies is my 2B) - In Coors for 4 games facing Rockies pitchers. 3B - Moncada - 4 games at Angles DH - Bohm (Could shift to 3rd and bench Moncada) - 3 games in ATL
  12. Thanks. Where are you seeing this? CBS(platform I'm on) and MLB.com show TBA. FantasyPro's is guessing(dark gray) Hernandez.
  13. Has there been any hint who starts the Marlins 3rd game of season, Hernandez or Rogers?
  14. Have the Indians committed to Wittgren as closer or just hints? Haven't seen much on this lately. What about with the Braves? Seems like with lefty/righty Smith/Martin) it could be a share. But it's been mostly quiet on the new front. Nationals - Worried about Hand? Chances Rainey closes? Marlins - Sounds like Bass is the guy but Yimi seems to be the one with better stuff which is usually what I bet on when I don't know what to make of a situation. Philly - 3 headed monster or will someone grab hold of it? Balt - Ugly Rangers - Seems like Kennedy's right now
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