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  1. JD Davis is also available and OF eligible. Would he jump ahead of anyone's pick? @ASHLANDARROWS1992 @Cesare13 @SecondString38 @lito5 @Bandito @jmcampbe11 @seditious3
  2. So I'm guessing Frazier is not who you would go with. Who would you pick up?
  3. Anyone else? Frazier getting a lot of love, but just worried he's not going to follow through on his promise. 30% K rate scares me. His ML peak was 16/15 back in Single A in 2015. And will his speed disappearing, wonder what his power ceiling is. Will be looking to grab someone today or tomorrow, so I can get him in my lineup for next week.
  4. Soroka is my pick. He's far enough along and rehab going well, that I think he's best best to have a solid season. Help?
  5. I'm believing in what Jazz is gdoing. Help?
  6. Do you start with Dansby so they get a SS back? Not sure if that would do it or not.
  7. I like Kiriloff here. I think he will run with his opportunity. Adell is a good player too, but lean towrds Kiriloff for the season. Help;
  8. Jazz for me. He's always been a well thought of prospect and is finally putting it all together. Help?
  9. I always start with fantasypro's trade chart to get a feel for things. Bogarts - $34 Marte - $29 (Assuming you are talking about Starling?) Freeman - $40 So, based on this, looks like you need to give up more. Who else are they interested in? Help?
  10. Injuries piling up in OF. I'm in a limited FA move league, so hopefully the guy I grab has some sticking power. How would you rank this group of FA OF's? Grichuk - Playing well, but worry about playing time when everyone's healthy. Reynolds - Consistent, but no real standout attribute and horrible lineup. Avisail Garcia - Been solid and hitting in middle of lineup. Real? Duvall - Power, but huge avg liability. But in middle of lineup. Frazier - Can he figure things out? Seems to be trending towards platoon.
  11. Not a subscriber to telegram or masslive, but other articles seem to indicate they believe in his spring #'s. Assume more of the same in the subscription articles?
  12. Desclafini could turn in a season like Gausman. Locastro will not turn in a season where you regret dropping him. I say go for it and worry about the bench spot if and when you need to. 200 moves is quite a few.
  13. If you are not limited n the number of moves, I would not worry about it too much. If worse comes to worse you drop Davis, or Desclafini or even Aguilar for the OD you need. I find bench bats easier to come by then solid starting pitching.
  14. I think I would drop Locastro for him. He has a chance to be a solid starter all year, and don't see Locastro being someone you hold onto. I'm sure there are other's you could grab if needed.
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