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  1. I am in a roto league and JUST traded him away for CP3. Today was the first day the new owner was able to start him.
  2. I think Houston could be viable. Trade him there in exchange for Oladipo (who may not want to be there for a rebuild) and Exum (who doesn't seem to have any special value. Both players are UFAs at season's end. Houston's incentive to do it would be to get picks from OKC and OKC's incentive would be to avoid having to pay Horford for the next 2 years. Curious what folks think of this idea.
  3. Just curious why you say he's overrated. How do you feel he is being rated in general? I've heard no one say he's the greatest of all time.
  4. I hadn't thought of that. I was curious what their pace numbers meant, but I guess I can do that if no one knows.
  5. I gotta go with you on this one. It would be one thing if the trade was offered while there wasn't knowledge yet to update that the player was hurt. But if there's a possible trade for a player who is known to be hurt, but it's unknown how long they are going to be out, that's totally above board to see if the other person is willing to assume the risk that the player might be out for a while. I've actually accepted trades for injured players where the prognosis was pending because I was betting that the player would be back sooner (and the owner who offered the trade was assuming th
  6. Thank you all for the contributions. They must have changed this since the last time I played. I am in dead last but that's mostly because I am hit with real (non-COVID) injuries, but I expect to get going soon. I wonder if the calcs are off because only part of the season is announced. Right now the leaders are all doing max starts, which I know isn't the strategic way to do this...but some of the guys in my league I fully expect to forget that I told them to manage their starts. Can someone refresh my memory on how to read the calculations? Everyone's game pace is positive num
  7. I am currently in 5th, but that's because I am deliberately sitting folks right now. The leader is about 15 games ahead of me, but he's someone I know personally, and I suspect that he isn't going to heed my advice about not starting everyone every night because he will max out his positions. Just curious though if there's a tool that helps you keep track of your moves for your positions (and for your opponents as well).
  8. Someone in my league just dropped him for Hunter. Time to scoop.
  9. Same here. If I win, I am in the championship game. It's too late in the season to be risking speculative plays, unless you absolutely have to. I am rolling out Gallman.
  10. I would keep RoCo as much as possible. He gives assists, steals, and blocks..the most scarce categories there are.
  11. You'll probably need 3 points...and you have several guys who will have modest minutes at best. Watch the situation in Minnesota closely.
  12. This might be a nitpick, but usually when I hear someone refer to someone being a "start" they are talking about at the position...not the FLEX spot. Not everyone uses those, but even when you do...it's for a person who probably has an avg floor anyway.
  13. I like the trade. Mostly because Embiid has not shown to be durable...and he misses too many games.
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