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  1. at this point in the season think of him as a high upside guy to stream. Temper those expectations and be ready to cut bait for more games or someone else to chase the cats you need At this point in the season if i don't have IR, i'd even drop potential come back guys like Capela and hope it waste my opponent's adds and give them zero's
  2. Need my boi for the playoffs next week. Rest up Book
  3. Keep him in your IR and throw him in for the additional game. think of it as streaming without using an add
  4. Interesting.. he got the injury tag. what is going on?
  5. I have him in a weekly league and am wondering if its worth starting him for the week. He's been an ironman throughout his career.
  6. Is there a timetable for him on coming back?
  7. Who would you rather based on value between favors or Hayward? i was offered Hayward for my favors.
  8. I happened to stream him and am going to hold for the week
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