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  1. at this point in the season think of him as a high upside guy to stream.


    Temper those expectations and be ready to cut bait for more games or someone else to chase the cats you need


    At this point in the season if i don't have IR, i'd even drop potential come back guys like Capela and hope it waste my opponent's adds and give them zero's

  2. 12 hours ago, imaginarykid said:

    seriously? out again, not to mention being ruled out one day in advance, all signs pointed to him returning today, what a letdown. I’m never picking this guy again, i should’ve traded him for Irving, atleast Irving’s smashing his ADP unlike Jrue

    Let’s not compare to Irving. Irving missed 2 months.... i bet the guy with Irving is in last or close to last unless he drafted all the best players. 

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