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  1. It doesn’t sound that bad... he hasn’t had to do any MRI so I’m assuming it’s just a pain tolerance game. I would guess he’s back next week
  2. Last game he only had 17 minutes due to foul trouble. Any thoughts on whether he’ll have a bigger role in the future?
  3. You guys think he continues to get high minutes?
  4. when he plays below 20 minutes, they lose when he plays over 20 minutes, they win
  5. anyone think Thad will get an increase in value if WCJ misses time?
  6. I’m going to fire him up in my weekly hoping to get 3 games out of him. Ride or die
  7. I’m wondering how many games I get from starting him in a weekly league for next week.
  8. Thanks just got excited if Kerr was already talking about how many minutes Curry would be playing.
  9. How could you complain considering where he was drafted
  10. Still hard to judge when he’ll be back based on that snippet.
  11. Thanks guys. After reading it doesn’t sound too serious.
  12. Killed my FT but I’ll take it knowing I have someone rosterable going forward in a 14er.
  13. He’s starting with RW and Harden out. I would hope he ups his AST today.
  14. You would drop depending on how deep your league is and who you are dropping for. He played 30 minutes. I am in a 14er and am not dropping until he plans low 20's.
  15. Active but not playing. Just dropped jabari for him. hope he’s back after christmas
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