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  1. i say hold for more news. Be patient he's been money when he plays.
  2. Yeah I say hold for further news. Unless you're in a 8 teamer
  3. yeah i think he'll get a decent amount of min for his D. That's why he outplayed Barton last year towards the end. Im just concerned about whether he will be back on time. I am in a 14er and may consider stashing him towards the end of the first week of december.
  4. on the real though...when they have a flu, they tell the media its a flu. Stomach illness...they tell the media its stomach illness. Fever...they tell the media its a fever. So now he's ill...yet they don't annouce it. Think about it
  5. they would usually report it ...but if they're hiding it like this...maybe its a STD
  6. That's a very good point. Bledsoe is their franchise player. It's hard to imagine he will not continue to be their no. 1 option. Bledose has has some sluggish games before the big one against the sixers but he's put up pretty decent numbers with TJ warren around.
  7. so happy i traded my crowder and mudiay for this guy
  8. Heavy minutes, OT game and rolled his ankle just the night before. Well who knows, maybe he'll channel his inner wolverine
  9. I'd be surprised if he plays tonight after rolling his ankle.
  10. Just traded away mudiay and crowder for him. i know you'll do me well.
  11. Wanted to stream this guy before he got traded. May turn into a blessing in disguise.
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