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  1. 21 minutes ago, lethotjames said:

    hahaha buddy got a herpe on his lip and can't be seen on television

    on the real though...when they have a flu, they tell the media its a flu. Stomach illness...they tell the media its stomach illness. Fever...they tell the media its a fever.


    So now he's ill...yet they don't annouce it. Think about it

  2. 6 hours ago, ComeOnAndSlam said:


    I just did the opposite.  Sold (relatively) high and got what I thought was a good return.  My line of thinking is that it's barely 20 games into the season and Bledsoe is already spending IMO significant portions of games as a spectator and sitting on the 3pt line as TJ Warren and Booker get big bumps in usage and dominate the ball (Booker especially).  I don't think it's coincidence that since TJ Warren has sat out the last couple of games Bledsoe has reasserted himself.  

    I think as the season goes on and Phoenix start to drop out of the playoff picture Phoenix will continue to want to hand the ball over to Warren and Booker to let them go to work and develop.  After having watched a fair few of Phoenix's games this season I'm confident Bledsoe's averages are going to be down on last season.  How much of a hit they'll take I'm not sure, overall they're not too bad now but the inconsistency from Warren or Booker getting hot on any given night is frustrating.

    That's a very good point. 


    Bledsoe is their franchise player. It's hard to imagine he will not continue to be their no. 1 option. 


    Bledose has has some sluggish games before the big one against the sixers but he's put up pretty decent numbers with TJ warren around. 

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