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  1. He’s probable with Lebron out. I hate to say it but we may have some value here.
  2. you guys think he maintains the minutes when Justice and Gragic return?
  3. I traded an injured Thomas Bryant for him two days ago and I’m feeling good about it.
  4. I’m high on him. Excited when he gets close to 30 minutes.
  5. did his usage or playing time go up when Pat Bev went out? I would've thought no Pat Bev means more Lou Will
  6. Deciding to pick him up in the B2B vs Tyus Jones/Melton
  7. i imagine his minutes would go up while millsap's declines
  8. I have have him in the bench of a 14 team league. I am just holding in case for a high value free agency. Waiting to pick up the next guy to step up to an injured starter's role.
  9. I think his minutes still stay high due to defense and youth. Usage is a different story
  10. Do you think he runs away with more minutes than Payton and DSj now that Fizdale is gone? i don’t watch knicks game so I don’t even know who’s better.
  11. I’m still holding on a 14er. I’m also in 3rd place with curry/OPJ/Thomas Bryant with one IR. OPJ is a proven top 50 player. If you’ve held this long and are still competitive then I’d suggest continuing to hold. A big question is who would you be picking up if you drop him. In a competitive 14er like mines you’re not getting much so I’m getting better off holding and streaming a spot or 2.
  12. Really seems like a points and 3’s guy. Do you guys think his ast or steals will rise?
  13. Stress reaction out at least 3 weeks.... that may explain why he hasn’t been good.
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