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  1. 12 hours ago, DiscoNinja33 said:


    He has zero value. 

    No IR bench - Drop

    IR bench in 12 teams or less - Drop 

    IR bench in 14 teams - Potential Drop

    IR bench in 16+ teams - Hold 

    I have have him in the bench of a 14 team league. I am just holding in case for a high value free agency. Waiting to pick up the next guy to step up to an injured starter's role.

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  2. I’m still holding on a 14er. I’m also in 3rd place with curry/OPJ/Thomas Bryant with one IR. 


    OPJ is a proven top 50 player. If you’ve held this long and are still competitive then I’d suggest continuing to hold. A big question is who would you be picking up if you drop him. In a competitive 14er like mines you’re not getting much so I’m getting better off holding and streaming a spot or 2. 

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