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  1. We’re only 6 weeks into the season. According to Rotoworld he’s feeling better. I think he’s coming back.
  2. Guess time to move on from guys like him and ingles
  3. Can’t believe how he was so good just two years ago
  4. I think it may be time to move on. minutes disappearing hes not finishing the game anymore
  5. Is this a one game thing to multiple game thing?
  6. I didn’t watch the game but what happened? Did he start the second half? He’s a -14 for the game which is a team worse. Perhaos bertans had the hot hand.
  7. I ain’t no doctor but I guess nothing wrong bone wise?
  8. How could you consider dropping this guy? hes easily puts up top 50 value.
  9. Anyone thinking of selling high? his FG is sky high at 54.1% for the year vs 46.7% FG last year.
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