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  1. I’m going be on brown. He’s got the most shot attempts from the bench unit.
  2. This Lionel Richie look alike hasn’t been helping...
  3. I guess... luckily I already got him streaming the B2B
  4. So happens Houston loses on two of his bad games. They need him.
  5. I’d buy low. Although he got hurt he stayed in to finish the game.
  6. Haven’t heard any update on him... have you guys?
  7. Anyone think Justin holiday worth picking up in Myles turner’s absence? He was pretty good when he got minutes in Chicago
  8. No way they just shut him down unless he's out way past the all-star break. I doubt they just throw the towel that easily. I would think they owe it to their fans.
  9. I streamed Noel thinking Adams is hurt
  10. Don’t sleep on Schroder he’s getting the minutes.
  11. I am also in a 14er draft this season. I prefer drafting mid or late to get a stronger 2nd rounder.
  12. I’m debating if I should start him in a weekly league for playoffs next week...
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