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  1. Thanks for the help on mine. I would go with Correa. I think he has the upside to be a transcendent player who helps across the board. He has a lower floor than Turner because with the scarcity of speed, Turner will always have value, but I think the ceiling is higher and I expect him to reach that in the next year or two. I would rather stay away from Blackmon (compared to the other two) with his age and possible decline in SB, as well as the possibility of leaving Coors. I don’t think he will leave, but when assessing long-term value, I take the situation out of it mo
  2. Thanks for the help on mine. I think I would lean with the guys you chose. Kershaw does scare me with the back issues, but that is a pretty good price point, and given your other options I think he’s your best bet. The same can be said for Keuchel. Harper I would definitely keep there. I think Upton is also a good buy at $19. You lot cheaper guys aren’t quite high enough caliber where I’d want them with the saved money. Those four give you a nice core to start.
  3. 14 team dynasty H2H points, start 3 OF, but they are broken into LF, CF and RF. Also one Util spot. Keep forever, no penalty or auction cost Team A gives: Andrew Benintendi AJ Pollock Chris Archer Team B gives: Mike Trout In a vacuum which side do you take? Post your links and I will help as best I can.
  4. 12 team H2H Points league (dynasty) Which side wins in a vacuum: Clayton Kershaw and Kyle Seager for Kris Bryant and Zack Greinke Post your links and I will help as best as I can.
  5. On NESN they interviewed Dave Dombrowski about the promotion of Devers. He will play Tuesday. What are your expectations for him this year?
  6. Montgomery was optioned to Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre on Saturday, Erik Boland of Newsday reports. The move appears to be on a temporary basis, as reliever Ben Heller was recalled to provide some bullpen depth prior to the upcoming All-Star break. Montgomery allowed two earned runs over a rain-shortened 4.1 innings Friday and the Yankees won't need a fifth starter until July 17, so he'll be removed from the active roster for now. The young southpaw finishes a productive first half of the 2017 campaign with a 3.65 ERA and a 1.23 WHIP to go along with an 87:28 K:BB https://w
  7. Here's 16 I have above Story for this season: 1. Correa 2. Machado 3. C. Seager 4. Segura 5. Bogaerts 6. Lindor 7. Andrus 8. Owings 9. Cozart 10. Simmons 11. Nunez 12. Villar 13. Gregorius 14. Gyorko 15. A. Cabrera 16. Peraza Story is above guys like Swanson, Arcia, Russell, Baez, Galvis, Crawford, Barreto, Semien etc. in my opinion. CSB, I own Story in a 10-team league with a MI and a utility spot. The only one of those 15 who is unowned is Cabrera, and I would probably make the switch if we didn't have weekly acquisition limits and Story wasn't at home this week. I do believe th
  8. He was a major prospect though. Top 15 prospect last year on most lists.
  9. Those rates prorated over 142 games played would produce 25 home runs. That's not too shabby, especially for a guy who has never reached double digit homers before this season. You might be right that the power surge is done, but if he can hit another 12-15 homers the rest of the way I'd be content.
  10. Didn't see a thread for him, but it looks like he was called up a couple days ago: http://www.tmj4.com/sports/baseball/milwaukee-brewers/milwaukee-brewers-call-up-pitching-prospect-josh-hader He's been bad this year in AAA, with a 5.37 ERA and a troublesome 7.02/4.97 FIP/xFIP. His K% is down to a four-year low with 22.4% (8.83 K/9), while seeing a spike in his BB% at 13.6% (5.37 BB/9). He was nearly as bad last year when he got promoted to AAA. I know Colorado Springs is a tough place to pitch, so I'm sure that was a factor. He was dynamic early in 2016 in AA, 0.95 ERA and a 1.00
  11. I apologize for derailing the thread, but the bigger prize in that deal was Dubon. Thornburg was (and hopefully still can be) a very good RP, but he has a history of arm issues. I also think getting Shaw in that deal only helps the Brewers as depth is a good thing for any organization. Many Sox fans maligned the deal at the time and even moreso now that Thornburg can't get on the field.
  12. I think if you're a contender in a shallow dynasty you can at least consider cutting him. I'd only do this in a close race, as if you are a frontrunner you can likely afford to wait longer. But inleague where 250-300 major leaguers are owned, there's definitely some interesting names on the wire that can help you now. That's not even to say he won't be good long-term, but in some cases the upside isn't worth burning a roster spot on and costing yourself in the standings. Obviously sell him if you can, but I'm not sure you'll get much in return. If I were rebuilding I would scoop him up immedia
  13. I'm not sure trading a cheap, 24-year-old rookie would be in the best interests of a non-contender, so I don't think he'll be traded. I would pick him up and stash him for at least this start if you can. Another good game and he'll be a big FAAB/waiver target.
  14. Relax, it's one inning into the game. I'm not feeling great about him either but let's see how he rebounds.
  15. He's been decent, just disappointing relative to some optimistic projections. His full-season rate of 62 XBH (29 home runs) is nice, but his rates of RBI and runs are lagging, largely due to a mediocre offense (and lack of walks with regard to the runs). He's increased rates both his FB% (38.8% to 47.1%) and his hard-hit rate (30.0% to 39.0%) from 2016, so the power feels sustainable. Also it could explain his lower BABIP. His K-rate is also on the rise (21.2% to 25.7%), so I think the average stays in the .255-.270 range). I would really like to see some more walks, but I don't see anything t
  16. I'm not too well versed in wRC+ myself, but I believe it takes into account park factors. I don't think wRC accounts for park factors, and in Coors the Rockies are 8th with an 88 wRC. Even with that I feel your point is pretty valid, as the Rockies have been first in wRC every year since 2014, and even in 2013 they were third. Makes me feel [slightly] more comfortable streaming my pitchers there.
  17. Sit if you're in roto. Start in H2H if you need wins and Ks and can risk the ratios. Start in points unless you're ahead enough where you're playing conservative. Buy after this game in any format as his value will likely be quite low.
  18. Yeah I was going to recommend this one. Flags Fly Forever, the Baseball Prospectus fantasy podcast, is solid too.
  19. Not the sucker if you go him late. Everyone drafts busts. Not saying Reyes is one just yet, but the early returns look bad. I thought he'd be a steal also, but now that roster spot will be used to speculate on some waiver pieces in a 12-team league. I'll keep an eye on Reyes though if he heats up. In deeper leagues he's still a hold as the upside beats most waiver options in 14+ team mixed leagues, or most NL Only leagues, of course.
  20. If I were the Angels and my best pitcher had just missed a season due to a UCL tear I would take him out at the slightest sign of discomfort. Better safe than sorry in his case. I won't draw any conclusions from that alone. That said, this is not encouraging news. Let's hope it really was precautionary and Richards will be back relatively soon.
  21. I don't think that's entirely fair because his career trajectory was pointing upward until the injury. His success in 2015 suggests the 2014 breakout was legitimate. Not a perfect comparison, but Jake Arrieta was atrocious before he came into his own in 2014, and he has solidified his status as a great pitcher since then. I wouldn't use the word "elite" to describe Brantley either, but he has the chance to be just a tier or two below. The .327/20/23 season might be a reach, but my only concerns with Brantley have to do with lingering effects of injury, risk of reaggrevating his shoulder, and r
  22. At last year's K/9 of 7.2 he would need to pitch 250 innings to reach the 200K threshold. Even if he rebounded to the tune of 8K/9 he still needs to log 225 innings. Personally I just don't believe in Felix going forward. I am even lower on him than the projections. Steamer shows him as a 3.93 ERA and 1.32 WHIP to go along with 7.5K/9. I'll take the over on the ERA and WHIP and and the under on the K-rate. They also have him eating 203 innings, which is certainly plausible, but I can see him breaking down and missing a month or two. The velocity readings cited above make me even more conc
  23. Fluky injuries don't cause me any level of skepticism, and certainly not a heavy dose of it. Literally any player can have a fluky injury. If there's something in his playing style then that is one thing. But then it isn't a fluke, there's a cause.
  24. Thanks. I have TY over Dez because I trust the Luck-Hilton connection to bring top 10 numbers. I like Dak a lot but I need to see another year of that before I can bank on it. And even though Hilton isn't the paragon of health, Dez injuries concern me more. Very close though. i hope you're right on Evans as the number 2. I think those 3 behind Brown are pretty interchangeable and would rather draft 7th than 4th to get a better second round pick. AJG might be my 8 now that I think about it more, but I feel pretty confident in Shady at that spot too, so I'm sure that will flip-flop over the
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