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  1. Let's wait for him to actually play a game before making that judgement.
  2. The injury is a legitimate excuse. We didn't get to see a conclusive sample of what could have become had he gone through the whole game at full health. Maybe he would have been awful, maybe mediocre, or maybe standout. You are correct in that he never had the clear starting gig, but there was plenty of reason for optimism given the circumstances. I would agree some were overhyping him, but many just had him as an upside bench piece. Those plugging him into their lineups were likely desperate with a combination of injuries, bye weeks, and underperformances. You are the one making a definitive
  3. He didn't catch a TD until week 6 last year. He didn't surpass 59 receiving yards until week 8. I'm not saying there isn't legitimate reason to worry with Palmer's decline and the number of other quality receiving threats on his team, but I have faith he will turn it around and be a solid WR2/3 this season. Probably could get him as a cheap throw-in in a deal if his owner is deep at WR and/or is impatient.
  4. I don't think you should let him sit on waivers for this week unless you're in a shallow league or have a stacked roster. If he performs well this week you'll need to burn tons of FAAB or a high waiver claim on him next week. Might as well get him cheap now.
  5. Hes nearing 24 years of age and has shown huge upside in the minors. It would be a real shame if they didn't even give him a shot for a rotation spot next season. That feels like major wasted potential. With the pitching free agent market being fairly barren maybe they could move on from Kazmir, McCarthy, Wood and/or Ryu. Also there's some health concerns with those guys so things might work themselves out.
  6. Hate this deal as a Red Sox fan. But like others have said, this helps Espinoza's fantasy value.
  7. In the Taillon thread one of the posters broke the impending call-up before any mainstream source, and was right on the money. No idea if this will turn out the same, but if you're in a redraft league of prospect hounds (assuming he's unowned), here's a chance to get ahead of the crowd.
  8. Do you think Ryu will still be out come September?
  9. Done for the night. 3IP, 2H, 2BB, 3ER, 6K 30 of 47 pitches thrown for strikes.
  10. Correct me if I'm mistaken, but last year was when Reed became a household name. I don't recall seeing him on many top prospect lists until the middle of last season. Giolito on the other hand I've heard hyped up for a very long time. I do see the parallel in that I have no huge concerns about Reed.
  11. He's mired in a tough slump since returning. 4 for his 36 with 1 home run, 1 double and 2 walks.
  12. Anyone have any news on this guy?
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