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  1. I’m keeping him in my IR tonight, I need vintage Drummond lines for my next matchup
  2. he just got dropped in my league, so tempted to grab him...😅
  3. I thought Wall was supposed to have a knee procedure? Def a shut down candidate.
  4. ...I’ll keep him in my IR since the schedule is packed
  5. they definitely upped his adderall dose
  6. keep joker, no one comes close to his value this season
  7. such a hard player to hold, great potential just seems to get injured often. Anyone else holding?
  8. was thinking the same thing, he’s been awful since his last injury. With the return of JJJ imminent and Kyle Anderson playing well, I don’t see any realistic way he can improve.
  9. I just traded away AD for Jrue Holiday after receiving JA from a separate trade. i would keep JA because he’s less of a headache to own tbh and he’s been superb. Lakers will be very cautious with AD no matter where they are in the standings
  10. Just traded him away for Jrue, feels weird but I need production now
  11. only thing I’ve seen is that he wants to come back before All Star and that he’s 80%. Post all star seems realistic to me.
  12. MEM rested their starters for this game, I'd wait and see
  13. risky move but I like it. try to get Harrell or Kuzma as a handcuff
  14. Haha def too steep rn, Rozier has been a stud, but I certainly think Westbrook will be more efficient as the season goes on, I'll crunch some numbers
  15. two big alley oops at the end to seal it, better games ahead!
  16. I tried to lowball and do Herro and Clarke, he declined. Don’t really know what else I can offer besides Lonzo, Herro, Wright, or Kyle Anderson. Maybe the price is too steep and I should back off
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