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  1. I am for some reason holding in a 10-team, just anticipating a trade to happen in New Orleans. Might cut loose if I seen anything appealing on the wire
  2. As a Knicks fan, I wish him luck, he is god awful.
  3. he's mentally checked out, saw him pass out of a wide open layup last night for a turnover. I traded for him so I believe he will turn it around but the stocks are nice
  4. might be my pickup once I’m able to put Wood in an IR slot
  5. Anyone besides Cousins a pickup? My wire dry as hell
  6. Yeah that doesn’t make sense, hopefully Terry gets the same minutes regardless if he starts. His numbers might go up if he’s playing with the bench, so something to monitor
  7. Scary Terry is more of a SG so I can see Devonte being the odd man out (traded or benched)
  8. just picked him up, seems like he’s more comfortable on his new team the past couple of games. Dallas needs him to play well on both ends of the floor
  9. it’s my fault guys, just got him in a trade
  10. Thats hard because they both have great upside. I would go Maledon since George Hill is likely gone, unleashing Maledon. Knicks might trade to get a starting PG which may affect Quickley's minutes (Lonzo comes to mind).
  11. Grant, Drummond side. KP is an injury risk every season and Collins might get moved (too much uncertainty). Although Drummond might get moved, his production shouldn't be impacted that much
  12. I like Delon's upside more than Dray's, this move makes sense
  13. keep SGA, DeRozan is fine but might get moved at the trade deadline
  14. A lot of potential on the wire! I would drop Justin Holiday for either Bojan, Theis, Ellington, Vanderbilt, Zeller, Trent. If you want to boost 3s: Bojan has great potential along with Ellington & Trent
  15. I've been happy with his production but I have some bigs with potentially higher upside on the wire including: Theis Whiteside TimeLord
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