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  1. DeRozan is closely matched with Ben but there's definitely competition with the young Spurs which may lead to uncertainty down the road that you wouldn't have with Simmons. If Embiid goes down Ben goes to another tier and carries the team. I like LaMelo but I think the Hornets are pushing for playoffs and therefore are going to rely on their vets, I can see a situation where they trade Graham and in that case Melo gets a huge boost. I usually go with best player wins trades...
  2. All pretty good options but my pick is Wright, he has the keys to the pistons offense and looks like their long term solution
  3. Gobert Ayton Booker Collins like others have said
  4. I have him in my IR and have definitely thought about dropping him. I think he has upside and is a good stash for when he starts to find his rhythm with a healthy roster
  5. As previously noted, I would keep harden unless you need big man stats
  6. That’s a great point, maybe I’ll shoot a little higher and see if that hits. Thanks!
  7. Keep Booker, I think he’ll bounce back like others have said. Also not a huge fan of Fox in fantasy
  8. Its close but I like the SGA side better (best player usually win trades)
  9. Thats a great list of FA haha I like both Harrison Barnes to replace Herro production, and I see your in a DD league so maybe consider Steven Adams or Horford
  10. Hard to tell with Cousins being the only viable big that isn't injured. I like Lamb as a better long term option. either one is good tho
  11. I agree with the other comments, log jam of wings doesn't bode well for Cam to flourish
  12. Ben and Shai side for me, two very versatile players. I believe Thibs is going to run Randle and Mitch to the ground, and Jamal hasn't been great since the bubble.
  13. I would keep Coby, he’s their only viable PG and it seems like it’s going to be that way for a while. It’s close tho.
  14. Which side wins? Beasley has been playing pretty well while Jarrett Allen hasn’t and I need another big man. ESPN 10-Team 9 Cat PG: Terry Rozier, Lonzo Ball, Eric Bledsoe, Delon Wright, McConnell SG: Malik Beasley, Tyler Herro, Jeremy Lamb SF: Khris Middleton, Kevin Huerter PF: Anthony Davis, Brandon Clarke, J. Vanderbilt Center: Nikola Jokic, Christian Wood, Deandre Jordan IR: Jaren Jackson Jr.
  15. This that dollar store version of Cousins AD tandem from a few years ago. I can see them playing together for sure.
  16. It's great to start thinking about this now: Lonzo needs a trade (contract year, being misused on the Pels) Bledsoe + NAW would increase in value (one would hope)
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