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  1. Just now, Nica4two said:

    Mos def!  If you wouldn't mind elaborating, why would ya say Simmons over DeRozan/Ball?  I think I'm with you that Simmons is a stud, but seems like he and DeRozan are kind of closely matched this season (Simmons with the obvious edge) and then I can only assume Ball gets more minutes down the road?  

    DeRozan is closely matched with Ben but there's definitely competition with the young Spurs which may lead to uncertainty down the road that you wouldn't have with Simmons. If Embiid goes down Ben goes to another tier and carries the team. 

    I like LaMelo but I think the Hornets are pushing for playoffs and therefore are going to rely on their vets, I can see a situation where they trade Graham and in that case Melo gets a huge boost.

    I usually go with best player wins trades...

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  2. 4 minutes ago, Nica4two said:

    Thanks for your words with mine.  I'm coming from a point league perspective so gotta take that into account, but I think this is an epitome of a savvy fantasy move (assuming you take Allen) given the likelihood of Drummond being traded.  Allen moves up multiple notches when that happens.  The question is, when and will it?  If it doesn't I think you still landed a solid backup C who's role will inevitably increase regardless as the season goes on, and I don't think the difference between Beasley and Allen would weigh too heavily on your conscience.  But signs are pointing to him having the reins sooner than later.  I can dig it!

    Thank you! I think long term it would be great 

  3. 1 minute ago, sharkpotato said:

    If you can absorb some of the hit from Allens value short term i'd say do it. I think there's a decent chance that Drummond gets moved. But I think I would first consider trading for another big of higher value since Beasley is a 19-20 ppg guy.

    Thanks for the help with mine.

    That’s a great point, maybe I’ll shoot a little higher and see if that hits. Thanks!

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