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  1. He's only 32, idk why people think he's washed. He bodied Mitchell Robinson last night.
  2. Just picked up Deandre Jordan now that Jarrett Allen is gone from BK
  3. RoLo, even more so if Rui and MoWag are Covid positive
  4. I would with Trae according to your build, for some reason PG as good as he is, bothers me haha
  5. You can probably sell Slow Mo and DLo for an underperforming SG/SF in a two for one. Maybe Jimmy Butler or Oubre
  6. @rotojoe and @AomineDaiki05 thank you! Yeah Wood has been an animal this season and I think Ayton will ramp it up
  7. I got an offer last night; Receive: Giannis Haliburton Horford Send off: Simmons Christian Wood Ayton Giannis is the best player but I’m having trouble letting go of Wood 😏 My team currently: Simmons, DLo, Rozier, Lonzo, Quickley Middleton, Beasley, Dort, George Hill Josh Jackson Christian Wood, Brandon Clarke Jokic, Ayton, Thomas Bryant
  8. def save it Help with mine? https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/835749-monster-ad-trade-whir/
  9. I like the Nurk, Garland side Help with mine:
  10. I would keep Westbrook, but if u had to trade I'd get Morant and Plumlee and drop Brook Lopez
  11. I have a trade request and the owner wants Ben Simmons and Thomas Bryant for AD (90% sure im going to accept) Looks like people are selling low too
  12. Those both look like pretty even trades, but like previously mentioned your selling low on Luka and SGA
  13. This is a classic sell low, buy high situation, Siakam will definitely improve, but if you're desperate for a guard, it seems like a fine trade
  14. Kawhi is more valuable, def hold for a better deal
  15. As a Jokic owner, I think no matter what you will overpay but if you somehow get him for Turner, Cappella and Holmes, that's a homerun
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