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  1. I got an offer last night;






    Send off:


    Christian Wood


    Giannis is the best player but I’m having trouble letting go of Wood 😏

    My team currently:

    Simmons, DLo, Rozier, Lonzo, Quickley

    Middleton, Beasley, Dort, George Hill

    Josh Jackson

    Christian Wood, Brandon Clarke

    Jokic, Ayton, Thomas Bryant


  2. On 1/4/2021 at 12:39 PM, 80version said:


    Most who drafted AD passed on Joker, so there's also that.  

    Championship hangover is a real thing.  I won't be phased by a slow start until we're more than a month into the season and he's not putting up top-10 #'s yet.  If you've ever considered looking for an AD "buy low" opportunity, the time is now.  

    I have a trade request and the owner wants Ben Simmons and Thomas Bryant for AD (90% sure im going to accept)

    Looks like people are selling low too 

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