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  1. 10 minutes ago, JaydensGuys said:


    Do what you want

    But you cant be veto'ing trades you dont agree with because you want to help yourself win unless you want to watch every member of your league walk out the door..

    Tell them im expanding my league next year ill be happy to have more people


    You need 4 votes to veto, meaning 3 other people thought it was unfair, and no ones walking out the door lol. It’s fantasy basketball not bible camp. 

  2. 33 minutes ago, Mobdad said:

    Curious who you think is getting the better side of the deal.  I would want the Drummond side.


    I said the Drummond side wins by a mile because it’s a double double league, so he’s ranked #2 and Marc’s ranked #10, Lonzo is mid. 

    The guy with Drummond is in last place while the guy with Marc Gasol was in first by 3 games so I pulled the collusion card, sue me lol 

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