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  1. Kyler's a misdirection wizard with the zone reads, especially close to the goal line. Watch his rush TD's, and on most, even those with a phone booth's worth of open space, he isnj't touched. I'm sure a perfect world for the Cardinals keeps their QB from needing to do this, but I expect it to continue in 2021- he's just too good at it. I do think part of that success is because they did give it to Drake enough to keep the defense off balance, but I am gonna bet the under on Conner hitting 8 TD's this year.
  2. Yeah, honestly if you're gonna go zero anything and win, go zero injuries.
  3. Agree, it was one thing for White to get fed when it was him, Edelman, and maybe half a Gronk in his last few seasons there. Gio's probably a league min guy there and is unlikely to be a big part of the game plan.
  4. Can something be "very" moderate? How about extremely average or especially pedestrian?
  5. Whoa, easy there big brain with the big words like nonzero (hopefully someone remembers what the hell i'm referencing)
  6. I agree that auction is your likeliest way to succeed here. You can chase 3-4 handcuffs that likely get picked near each other, and also get 3-4 expensive WR's (or throw a Kelce in that mix) that you couldn't do in a snake.
  7. It's absolutely right to show disdain on anyone who insists zero RB (or any other singular game plan) is a significant advantage than another. My take on this is always to go back at your draft once the season ends and say "what if i took a ______ approach" and you can build a top contender with 4-5 different ways if you just happened to get the right guys. But, it absolutely can be done. Don't be a cultist about it, but if you get a little luck, you can absolutely do it. I almost lost a semi with a loaded team to a guy that got something like 70 points from McKissic/Fournette/Polla
  8. I'm a combo of unable and unwilling to look up the short yardage stats on Aaron Jones, but he certainly has been able to deliver touchdowns the last two years. I get the concept of a goal line back if your lead guy struggles there, but I'm not sure this is one of those cases.
  9. Next to nobody, at any position, is signing deals above the league minimum. He's not gonna break that trend. He'll have to hope the 2-3 teams with a depth need that don't draft a back in a few weeks actually like him.
  10. I would think they'll add weapons. If you want to turn him into a high reward bargain, you gotta overstock the offense. There are plenty of pass catchers here that it isn't a reach to take one at 8 overall.
  11. FWIW I did a mock today and got him at the 5/6 turn, 61 overall. That's a bit low and I don't think it'd stay that way, but if it does, hard to pass him up as your WR3
  12. I think he'll be high priced by people who remember the big weeks or get lost in the overall stat line. After all, he was a top 10 PPR guy last year, and even if you're aware of the roller coaster, there's certainly the possibility of a more consistent weekly target share. He stands out as an early contender for a player I want to own once but no more than that.
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