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  1. I'm in denial that they'll trade him at all but if it does happen, I don't see a slinger like Winston or Fitz coming in. That's the only chance Metcalf would have.
  2. If he wanted to win and get paid, signing the tag and accepting it isn't the worst idea I guess.. I'll believe in Brady for one more season for sure, but he is not staying on top for 3-4 more years. Could Tampa replace him and keep winning if he retires say after next season? Of course, but you're not aligning with him in his prime or anything. Imagine signing a long term deal to catch passes from Russell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers the season after they won the super bowl. You'd have thought you were sure to get a ring during that deal, right?
  3. Agreed. I feel like this take is nearly extinct, but the "winning is important, he should take less" crowd doesn't make sense to me if he's already got a title. NTM there's no guarantee he gets another with TB or his new team isn't contending. Even the Patriots had a 9 year gap with no titles during this run. I wouldn't go to a team that's a tire fire if I'm him, but I'm sure there are at least a few teams with a stable, strong QB and a good 2021 outlook that will recruit him and pay him well. After 2021 it's a crapshoot, even if he stays in Tampa.
  4. Sums it up perfectly. I feel like his floor is fairly high, and he theoretically could get even better. It's early, but I feel like I'll still bite off a couple of shares. However, i'll be nervous about it.
  5. The franchise tag is only 8.5 mil for backs. One year of that is certainly well worth it for Jones. A top dollar long term deal doesn't make much sense for GB, but getting a bargain prime year and letting him walk after that certainly seems plausible. I imagine Jones would hold out, but i'd try it if I'm GB, and maybe compromise with an extra guarantee on top of that, plus a an agreement not to tag after 2021.
  6. The more QB's we have starting that produce rushing points, the better, for fantasy's sake and entertainment value. I do worry about his accuracy, but I think I'll get a share. I don't see him cracking the top 6 or 7 QB's yet, and most of my leagues are full of faders so he should linger a bit for my liking
  7. He always seems to be underdrafted, so I'm intrigued here. It does seem crazy that the Jets wouldn't want to keep him though. They have over 70 mil in space, and he'd be great for a new QB. If they do keep Darnold, that combo worked just fine. To paraphrase the great orator Jay Z: The New York Jets have several dozen complications, however, a lack of a productive wide receiver on the inside routes does not present itself to be a particular obstacle of concern at this time
  8. I like the talent, and he flashed plenty down the stretch, but I think he'll be hit or miss. Reich's Eagles offenses spread the ball around, and I think this is Taylor's show. Even if Hilton isn't back, they can easily add another WR to the group with all that cap space and a market full of em.
  9. Goff gets shipped out with an extra first going the other way to get rid of him. Goff has won 3 playoff games. Wentz has zero playoff wins, got shipped out for probably a 2022 1st rounder as long as he doesn't get hurt, and I see tons of Colts fans not only happy but also insisting this was highway robbery.
  10. Yep, definitely not a contender right now even if they keep CMC and add Watson. Maybe the thought is they can lure in free agents to build around him and make up for draft pick losses I guess? I mean, Watson had an incredible season, they still won 4 games. They actually scored more points in 2020 than in 2019, so while the Hopkins trade is still indefensible, it wasn't the only reason they sucked.
  11. Doesn't get much steeper than that.. I don't know that i'd have those kind of stones, and frankly, if that offer exists, Houston should take it and even see about flipping CMC right off the bat plus the 8th pick to load up on assets to reshape with.
  12. I'm hoping that McKissic was inflated by Alex Smith's checkdown prowess.
  13. I'd be without fingernails if I was Carson. Maybe 7-8 teams look like they'll need a running back, and only a few of those really have space to spend on one, assuming they even wish to go the free agency route. If they do, Aaron Jones is the first call they're making right now, and Kenyan Drake might be the second.
  14. Certainly a top 10 WR, probably no higher than WR7 Late 2nd round
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