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  1. I don't know what to do with this guy. I am an Orioles fan at heart and will always love him. Just not seeing good results and I haven't been starting him lately in dynasty.
  2. Anyone starting him today? [...] He's been great, but not sure with the game in Boston.
  3. Not much talk about him. He's putting up decent numbers so far, maybe that's why.
  4. I got Pablo Lopez, Giolito, Bundy, Means and Odo going today. Even after I said I wasn't gonna start Odorizzi because it was his first game back. At least Bundy and Gio are pulling their weight.
  5. I have him in dynasty. Probably not gonna start him tonight, just to see how he does, but I'm also thinking that he bounces back.
  6. So glad I stuck him in my lineup today. Great game.
  7. 2IP 1ER 4Ks Faced a similar lineup to Angels regular season lineup. Struck out Trout and Fowler. Not bad. Really like this kid.
  8. Looks like he will be up in late April/early May? Unless things change because of Kevin Mather's comments. He resigned yesterday. Wonder what's gonna happen now?
  9. 20 team dynasty. Keep 25/30 mlb and 20 minor league slots. 6 x 6 R, HR, RBI, SB, Avg, OPS, I currently have no starting SS...although I just drafted Kim in our FYPD. He's not gonna be a long term shortstop. Have an offer....Albies for Xander and pick 1.19 in the FYPD. Team: C - Danny Jansen 1B - Matt olson 2B - Ozzie Albies SS - Open/Kim 3B - Nolan Arenado OF - Ramon Laureno OF - Adam Eaton OF - Bryan Reynolds UT - Ketel Marte UT - Kris Bryant Bench - Scott Kingery Bench - DJ Stewart Bench - David Dahl Minor leag
  10. Im hoping he will be good for 25/10 and at least .280 avg. Not sure what to expect honestly. Is he gonna get time at 2B or play all CF? I would love it, if he got 5 starts at SS.
  11. Just curious.... Anyone expect this guy to make the opening day roster?
  12. He got invited to the Big League spring training. Excited to see how he does.
  13. I love Ramon but I think you have to go Frazier here. Ramon is a better real life player than fantasy.
  14. Curious as to where you read this? I always read his bat was great and his problem was speed and not being able to play anywhere except first base.
  15. Has been looking pretty great this spring. It's obviously spring, but I really do like what I'm seeing from him. Last game he started against the Angels, 2 IP 3K 0 hits or walks
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