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  1. 90% of the complaining in this thread is about Yahoo. It's awful but people hate change.
  2. Available teams are as follows: May keep 4 of these 6 MLB players Team 1: Alonso, Bregman, Soto, Bieber, Robles, Edman (weak farm system) Team 2: Abreu, T. Anderson, Yelich, Meadows, Ohtani, Fried (average farm system) Team 3: Moncada, E. Suarez, Judge, Baez, Urias, Paddack (strong farm system) Team 4: Rizzo, Biggio, Ozuna, Snell, Soroka, Hader (weak farm system)
  3. Sorry, forgot to mention that it is $56.25 ($6.25 goes to FanTrax premium charge).
  4. Hello, Need to fill four teams in a 16-team h2h points keeper league run on FanTrax. This is the 5th year of this league. This league is unique because we play two short fantasy seasons each year (162 games each). In a nutshell, the MLB season is 6 months and we play two 3-month fantasy seasons during that time. That means two drafts, two keeper deadlines, and two chances to win each year. We will be keeping 4 MLB and 12 MiLB players for the upcoming draft and then move to 6 MLB/12 MiLB keepers for the second draft. Looking for owners who will take the time to read and understand th
  5. Honest question. What kind of drug testing would a kid like Dominguez have been subjected to while he was a teen and now that he is in the Yankees organization (but likely years away from the MLB)?
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