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  1. Tampa tends to get the best out of most of their players. I’m willing to spend a buck on him at my auction but first I would like to see what he looks like in a few spring training appearances.
  2. Projected to hit 4th behind the trio of Turner/Schwarber/Soto, Bell will have plenty of RBI opportunities in front of him. I'm sure he will bounce back in DC from his miserable Covid-20 season but how much of a bounce back are we talking about? I don't believe he will ever come close to that 2019 season especially now that MLB is talking about deadening the baseballs this year. Even if they weren't talking about doing it 2019 will be an outlier for him. I think Roto Champ's projections are fair .257/.344/..468 25 HR, 85 RBI. I think he has a good chance at finishing in the mid 90's to low 100s
  3. Hopefully solid to dominant minor league starts followed by a second half call up. I will keep him locked in as a minor leaguer all year regardless in my dynasty league.
  4. Sounds like a future closer or setup man
  5. Jalen Hurts is too valuable to trade. His contract is very team friendly and he is an awesome backup insurance plan if Wentz gets injured and/or if the new coaching regime can’t fix Wentz.
  6. 6’3, 310 Pounds is pretty much the size of an offensive lineman. A man that size playing full back and making catches like that is extremely rare
  7. Bills, Saints and Ravens are the locks for me. WFT, Rams and Browns I’m gonna stick to my analysis this year and say that Brady continues to struggle with teams with excellent defensive fronts. The Football Team pulls off a nice upset on the strength of their D and Alex Smith finds a way to make a play or two on a bum ankle. If Goff plays I’ll take the Rams if not I’ll take the Hawks. It’s looking like Goff will play so give me the Rams. I still like the Browns over the Steelers despite the COVID issues. The Steelers are weaker than their overall record suggests
  8. Steven Jackson played at 240 and he was a bruiser and he was a solid pass catcher. That 2006 season helped me win a couple of G’s that year!
  9. Yeah but their D-Line can really frustrate TB12.
  10. NFC East football is not fun to watch. This is worse than watching Mountain West or MAC football!
  11. Nah Julio is actually very productive when he’s on the field. AJ is cooked even when he’s healthy!
  12. well this F’n sucks for our playoff hopes!
  13. I do believe that the Packers will spend a 3rd or 4th Round pick on another RB project in the next draft so Dillon’s promising 2021 outlook isn’t a slam dunk as of now but he’s worth a roster spot in deep Keeper leagues and the optimism can be justified. There are still plenty of variables yet to be settled. The only thing I believe is a slam dunk is that Aaron Jones won’t be in a Packers uniform next year. Their front office has made that very clear by letting his contract expire!
  14. 2 seasons and he’s already dumped and left for dead. It’s amazing how fast his stock has plummeted!
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