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  1. This guy did! Chasing wins with already great ratios is a tickled game my friends.
  2. Home opener in Atlanta too so I’d be nervous as well. Ozuna hasn’t gotten it going yet but I think tonight that happens.
  3. Let’s go Rays bats! Need Kluber to get rocked!! Sorry not sorry guys
  4. Only thing they’re still good for is vulture saves predictions. Outside of that, I haven’t used them in years.
  5. Was wondering the same thing yesterday. Though it does look like Springer will be out a little longer now with the quad issue pop up when working his way back from the oblique. I just really hope they keep him in the top 3 but that lineup has an embarrassment of riches so who knows what they’ll do.
  6. Would love to see him get going today. If he keeps up the slow start he could be a very good buy low even after he was already being underrated in drafts. Some people may feel at this point 2020 was a sign of things to come but I’m not buying that.
  7. The way I see it is he was likely going to be on some kind of innings limit anyway so if he can come back without the shoulder being an issue after being shut down for a bit I’m game. That only means he’ll be pitching later in the season. I know anything shoulder is never good but the inflammation could just be a minor thing that they’re being cautious with knowing they’ve got a real shot this year and Soroka will need to be a part of it down the stretch.
  8. Obviously he won’t keep up this pace but it’s a good sign that they’re giving him the green light on the base paths so far. He could out produce his projected sb numbers by quite a bit if they keep letting him run.
  9. Woodruff was pulled with 74 pitches too. I needed that win.
  10. That’s what I was looking for yesterday watching the game. If he can keep a more patient approach then he’s going to out produce his adp pretty easily with all the runs and stolen bases he should accumulate. The Nats are better off with him at lead off and Turner in a run producing spot in the lineup so I think they’ll let Robles stick there unless things go really bad. But I think his leash is relatively long in the short term to let him figure it out and get comfortable there.
  11. Nola, Woodruff, Snell and Yarbrough all going in one league. Let’s go!! Can’t wait to watch baseball at work today.
  12. I got him at pick 61 in my 10 team keeper league where we each keep 6, so really more like pick 121. That said I wasn't too thrilled with my pick but after reading all the posts in this thread and hate elsewhere I started digging a little deeper to see whether I should somehow try to flip him. What I found was obviously a pretty steep decline in nearly every category last year. He was striking out more and walking less. He was chasing and his swstr% was up. He wasn't hitting the ball as hard as he has in the past and he looked lost. All the things you don't want to see, you saw in his me
  13. I think I like Berti in this situation as well. Hell help I'm both OBP and SB. Thanks for the help with mine.
  14. I normally don't even hold a catcher for most of the year in this format. I usually use that as an extra roster spot to hold a 7th RP that can help with ratios and k's while my starters aren't pitching. I just grabbed him as a panic pick after someone took Contreras the pick before. McCann and Vazquez are actually available right now.
  15. I think your bats are really good and you have a good combination or power and speed. You certainly have plenty of SP depth and should be able to compete in Ks and W every week. If I were to make an immediate move I would drop Murphy for Dalbec but that's just me. I never hold two catchers though.
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