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  1. This is true and is also where it just depends on your league. For me, I have 7 other starters who make up my rotation so he was just a guy who I thought I’d draft at the end in case one of my others craps the bed. I contemplated dropping after his clunker but was rewarded the other day with the following role he took. So right now he’s actually helping my team. But I don’t judge anyone who cuts bait. Context is key.
  2. I know he’s not going to make it though the entire season given the pitch/innings limitations he’ll likely have this year but ride him while hot ladies and gents! He’s been a solid addition to my roster in the wake of so many early injuries and covid related absences.
  3. I know a lot have already jumped ship but I’m still holding. He’s shown me in the past his ability to limit damage and provide good ratios as a back of the rotation fantasy asset. He may not have the strikeout upside of others that you could replace him with but he’s a guy I still want on my staff to just provide solid numbers.
  4. He’s one of the guys I’d buy low on for that reason if I didn’t already own him. Seeing the strike zone is a good sign of things to come and, though this season is a small sample size, it’s something he’s been working on since entering the 2020 season. If he can maintain this walk rate I have a feeling he’s going to rake this summer as the temperatures increase and weather gets better.
  5. The dude just constantly generates swings and misses and catches guys looking. I was watching bits and pieces of the start last night and it seemed like every at bat he was fooling guys. Definitely fun to watch and his leap forward is for real.
  6. They’re also likely trying to be more conservative with his pitch counts earlier in the season as they want him pitching in the postseason. A lot of organizations have said they’ll only give guys an additional 100 innings or so on top of their total from last season. I don’t know if the Padres were one of those teams but I would think with their postseason hopes they too will be cautious early.
  7. I stand corrected sir. I honestly had not done nearly as much digging as I should have before considering this. The move down to 9th surprised me a bit and the injuries and absences are piling up.
  8. That was a typo. I meant to just say earlier. Regardless, I spaced out on the fact it was a double header and my post can’t be disregarded
  9. Has Duffey dropped below Robles in the pecking order in MIN? Seems like it’s Colome, Rogers, Robles then Duffey. He was so good last year in saves+holds leagues but it seems like he’s pitching earlier and easier in games and not getting those opps. Today he took over in the 5th and got blown up.
  10. He’s an absolute beauty to watch. The graphics I’ve seen that show his release point for all his pitches and the spot they end up in the strike zone is ridiculous. I think he’s going to be one of the very best pitchers in the game in the next couple of years. He’s only pitched 156 innings in the majors and he’s already been considered a top 20 SP and has performed like that when on the field.
  11. Glad I’m not the only one considering dropping him in a keeper league. Another owner dropped him last week due to injury issues with his roster but I quickly scooped him up and now I’m thinking of dropping him too. I’ll try to hold out longer but with injuries and covid already taking out several of my other players I don’t know how long I can afford to hold.
  12. I’m not concerned about the wins. It’s just bad luck. The only thing I care about is that he’s pitching well and picking up right where he left off last year.
  13. I saw something on the Braves broadcast last night showing the top 4 players with balls hit with average exit velocity of 95+ and he’s number 4 behind Acuña and a couple other expected guys. Acuña and the others, I don’t remember who, had 20 balls but harder than 95+ and Goldy had 19.
  14. I agree he seems to be maturing very quickly. The talent was always there but it’s nice to see him grow up mentally this early too, which only bodes well for him and his fantasy owners. Should help him get through slumps a bit better. He’s one of, if not, the most fun players in all of baseball to watch.
  15. This guy did! Chasing wins with already great ratios is a tickled game my friends.
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