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  1. Urena to the 60 Day. If we don't see Gallen before the end of the month, this is an injustice.
  2. Who's spot would he take?
  3. What a take! I laughed then and I'm laughing even harder now. EDIT: This wasn't meant as a personal attack at this particular poster. More a general comment on how everyone was treating this guy compared to how he looks now.
  4. This kids a stud. I understand that DET has zero incentive to have him see time at the show this year but I'd love to see them go against the grain with both him and Mize.
  5. Anyone know whats going on with him? Is he being over matched or does it just look like he needs to make an adjustment or two. I assume hes a hold in 14+ team leagues, for now.
  6. Goodbye, sweet prince. Get some confidence and be back soon, please.
  7. He hasn't struck out in his past 6 games. Last ten - 10 for 35 (.286), 9 runs, 2 homers, 7 rbi, 7 walks to 4 strikeouts, and 3 steals. Hes ready to come back up, they just need to find a spot for him. Shouldn't be too difficult with DeScalso, Bote and Almora soaking up significant AB's. Deep leaguers take notice.
  8. Lets go Nasty Nate! This kids a BEAST
  9. The lack of news is certainly alarming. In mid-March he was to be shut down for 6 week. That would put him getting back into baseball activities.....now? You'd think we'd be getting reports of him getting back into baseball form but so far there's been nothing. He happened to be on the wire in a deep, pitching heavy league that I'm in, so I stashed him. I've got my fingers crossed that we hear something soon. He has a real opportunity now that I didn't expect coming into the season.
  10. Any idea who replaces him in the rotation both short term and long term? Jefry Rodriguez makes sense in the short term but do we think Adam Plutko or Triston McKenzie will get a shot once theyve proven healthy? It seems like people have forgotten about McKenzie.
  11. I cant find any news on him. He should be back from injury soon unless he had a setback. With both Clevinger and now Kluber on the IL for some time, he could (should?) get an opportunity at some point this season. He used to have crazy hype but he just can't stay healthy. Could have some post-hype sleeper appeal here, especially in those deep leagues.
  12. Positive signs. Last ten games: 9/34 with 11 Runs, 2 HR, 7 RBI, 3 Steals and most importantly 9 Walks to 6 Strikeouts. If he can maintain his progress with the K rate, he should see himself back up shortly. Only problem would be a position to play. His best path is CF but Almora is starting to hit now.
  13. Cal Quantrill getting the call. https://www.mlb.com/padres/news/padres-cal-quantrill-set-to-make-big-league-debut Had some hype a few years ago but failed to live up to those expectations. Deep leaguers take notice.
  14. Great news. This increases his chances of debuting this year. Although given all the holding back they did with Vlad, I wont hold my breath.
  15. 3 for 3 with a double, 2 walks, 2 RBI and 1 R. Slash line up to .328/.462/.607 with a 15/16 BB/K ratio. Get him up!
  16. Well Kieboom is up, so he better really start hitting before Turner comes back. That, or hope Kieboom falls flat on his face. I'm holding in the one league I do own him for now, but if Kieboom swings a hot stick right out of the gate and he continues struggling, hes headed to the wire.
  17. Whats going on with him? He was called back up on 4/21 but has yet to make an appearance. Is he the long man out of the bullpen or is he insurance in case one of the projected starters cant go?
  18. Christian Arroyo called up instead. RIP the dream.
  19. Who would you expect to get the next shot for the Tribe, Bradley or Mercado?
  20. Hes refusing to slow down. Hopefully he forces the issue. The Nats are getting next to nothing out of their MI spots with Difo and Dozier. The NL East should be competitive all year, so I see no reason why they shouldn't call him up.
  21. Wishful thinking, but is there any way the Wendle injury opens up a path for Lowe? With the Yanks crippled by injuries and the BoSox still struggling, Tampa really has an opportunity to build a big lead in the division. I pulled this from a blurb at CBS: "Through the first month of the minor-league season, Lowe has validated his status as one of the top prospects in a farm system teeming with high-end talent. The first baseman is slashing .308/.446/.596 across 65 plate appearances while posting identical strikeout and walk rates (18.8 percent). According to Baseball America, one scout wh
  22. I'm hoping he can trim that K% down a bit from its current bloated 26% and force the issue at some point this season.
  23. I was under the impression that they would be following official MLB IL status as well but I wonder if they're making an exception here. Why else would he be played on the 60 day as the pitcher version yet remain on the 10 day as the hitter version? Unless its a simple mistake, which I admit is the most likely outcome here.
  24. Interesting. I wonder if they're going to keep pitcher Ohtani on the DL all year even after hes activated? As an owner of both in a deep keeper league, I'm really hoping that is the case. Having to burn an active roster spot on the pitcher version isn't ideal. I don't understand why they don't just combine him into one player.
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