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  1. He is a solid pitcher on a great team. He'll be cheap in most leagues. GET HIM!
  2. I'm not sure what's not to like here. The guy killed the minors and is doing VERY WELL in MLB. He's had an era over 3 only one time...and it was 3.64, which is still pretty good! His k/ip is always above average. The only category he struggles in is wins...and his era is under 3 on average, so that only proves that he's been on some pretty bad teams. If he's ever on a good team, he could easily win 17-22 games with his stuff. Gallen is a winner.
  3. Osborne Earl Smith "The Wizard" 15x All-Star 13x Gold Glove 580 SB (22nd all-time) HOF 2002
  4. I loved that summer, too! I remember watching him hit #62. The Cardinals were a terrible team that year, but, Big Mac still made them something to watch! I just based my 'Mt. Rushmore' on guys who were great both on and off the field (which Big Mac was, indeed) and who played major roles in Cardinals post-season success.
  5. Ozzie Smith Albert Pujols Chris Carpenter Yadier Molina
  6. Any team that would choose to start Mike Leake over Zac Gallen deserves to finish dead last in it's division. End of story.
  7. Monte Harrison will make an impact for the Marlins this year.
  8. His name is being rumored in a deal for Nolan Arenado. Obviously any pitcher wearing a Rockies uniform is usually not one to target.
  9. Throwing Johnny Q-Tip out this week! Go big or go home!
  10. I'm going for it. I've got nothing to lose!
  11. Hicks could get hurt drinking a glass of water. He is not worth the frustration at all.
  12. Carp is dumpster juice. The Cardinals organization is an absolute mess right now.
  13. The Cardinals are doomed for as long as John Mozeliak is a part of that organization. He is terrible in every way, shape and form.
  14. He and Troy Tulowitzki are best of friends.
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