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  1. Would much prefer a new league than an existing one but we are open to joining if it fits. Would prefer points or H2H Cats, not roto. And the more teams / deeper the prospects the better. Thanks
  2. We are looking to fill the remaining spots of a 14-team dynasty baseball league. The highlights are – H2H pointsWeekly Lock w/ injury substitutions$60 buy in which includes site feesRoster Size: 26 MLB and 20-25 Minor League System10 round slow draft on pro boards into a live draft*The draft order will be determined a week before the draft and pick trading is allowed/encouraged. The slow clock will be 24 hours and we’ll determine the draft date when the league is filled. We’re looking for a lot of offseason dialogue as well as throughout the season. We will be selecting a chat form
  3. 2 veteran fantasy owners looking to find a new league starting this year. Looking for it to have deep rosters with plenty of minor league action as well as h2h points. Weve been around them gave for many years, same league for 7, looking to add one more. Thanks
  4. 2 owners very interested. Been in a league together for 6 years now looking for one more. Have 2 spots for us?
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