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  1. Currently on a rehab assignment in the AZL. 1st appearance he struck out all 3 batters he faced. Once he's back up to speed, he could make an impact come September.
  2. Team - http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/team?leagueId=285879&teamId=3&scoringPeriodId=96&statSplit=singleScoringPeriod decent team that is led by JDMart, Scherzer, and Blackmon and currently 1st in the division. Settings - http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/team?leagueId=285879&teamId=3&scoringPeriodId=96&statSplit=singleScoringPeriod I'm hoping to change sites in the offseason as I don't like the direction that ESPN is going. We have a groupme chat for Trades and such so I would appreciate if the new owner would join that. Leave your email if int
  3. Looking like half an hour at the earliest.
  4. flip those numbers and you might be onto something. The caught stealings don't worry me too much. I think he can be a 20 hr/30 sb guy with a .280 avg.
  5. 4/4 today with a double. In 48 PA he has 8 walks to just 2 strikeouts, a .436 AVG, and a 1.111 OPS.
  6. He just has this swagger about him to the point where I don't see him having many bad outings/innings in a row. He reminds me of Shane Bieber. When he gets in a groove he just oozes confidence. You can sell high if you want but I don't see a major nosedive numbers wise. honestly I think he can only improve from here on out.
  7. He's gonna be special man, I'm telling you.
  8. I doubt he gets dealt, but even if he does why would you try and shop him yourself? If he gets traded, there is a very good chance that he gets moved to a team that needs a closer.
  9. I look for Civale to stay up now but I don't think it matters. With the DFA of Martin it leaves their roster thin on the bench. Look for Josh Smith to get sent back down as they don't really need 3 lefties in middle relief, and Bradley will get the call for sure since he is already on the 40 man. Also Bradley wasn't in the Columbus lineup tonight so...
  10. Matt Olson is who I have compared him too. ROS? I'd say .240 with 15 home runs. He should get plenty of rbi chances as well.
  11. He should have an everyday role from the get go as 1B/DH. Great Power numbers in the minors and should hit for a .240-.250 average. A ton of swing and miss in his game but the pop is legit.
  12. He's hitting .319 with a 1.046 OPS against lefties this year. Both numbers are higher than his platoon splits.
  13. This guy is something else. Watching his ABs is a treat. He just spits at pitches like he knows what is coming. Almost every time a ball is called he shakes his head like "get that weak stuff outta here." Some people have made the comparison to former infielder Luis Castillo. I can see that but minus the speed. Definitely has poise and is very flashy when up to bat.
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