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  1. Gotta love the Jhailyn Ortiz tout right Brock?
  2. or or also known as “The FouLLime Story.”
  3. Maybe I’m playing it safe, but Stewart for me. Great schedule ROS and will get GL work
  4. Funchess as the schedule looks great for WR rest of the season.
  5. This. Coleman in line for massive points if Freeman goes down. PPR would rather have Coleman. Hogan is a great floor play though.
  6. Stewart for floor, Williams for middle ground and Bryant for upside play.
  7. 14 Team standard. Currently 3-2. Format- 1 QB, 2 Wr, 2 RB, 1 TE, Flex. Current offer is AJ Green and Cohen for Doug Martin and Baldwin. QB: Cousins RB: Kamara, Collins, Cohen, Aaron Jones, JD McKissic, Derick Henry WR: AJ, Thomas, Adams, Mike Williams, TE: Ertz, Kittle Def: Jax Rest of season schedule for Martin and Baldwin looks favorable. I need help at RB, but I’m not sure Martin is enough.
  8. Whitley was TB has had a nice stretch recently. Not a lot of swing and miss, but TB trusts him.
  9. I'm assuming you meant to post this in the EE thread.
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