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  1. Could you resend to jphilips22@yahoo.com I'm not seeing it for some reason. Thanks.
  2. Depending on league settings I would be interested. My preference would be a dynasty slow draft with minors and daily moves. jphilips22@yahoo.com
  3. Did you already send the invites? If so I haven't gotten one: jphilips22@yahoo.com
  4. If it's Yahoo can we allow pickups the day of, and not the next day.
  5. http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league/settings?leagueId=38951 $100 Roto Action Email at devin.tyler83@gmail.com
  6. I've been looking everywhere for a first year dynasty league but I'm not opposed to taking over a team. Roto only, no H2H, $25-100, prefer slow draft but I can snake if the draft time is at night. Email at jphilips22@yahoo.com
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