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  1. Sucks. Foul trouble though. Not worried at all.
  2. Pretty quiet in here after ANOTHER big game 🤨🤣 Where are all the amateurs who dropped him after 15 games lol His situation has changed right? He's gonna shoot 30% forever lol Panic?! Panic!! Drop! lol Per BBM, he's worked his way up to 62nd on the season and 28th for the last month. Held and never doubted he'd do what he always does. Every year in this thread same thing lol This guy is a stud.
  3. Ya I really wish the Spurs were fully healthy so we'd have a better idea of the rotations for ROS. With so many guys out with covid I don't think the minutes will be very indicative of what we'll see when all those guys return. Unless of course one of Poeltl/Aldridge gets significantly less minutes than the other despite everyone being out. I feel like instead they're both just going to get a ton of run for the next two weeks which won't really tell us a lot.
  4. Good first game back. I'm guessing he didn't play at all in the 4th though?
  5. Weatherspoon also out for health and safety. Apparently Aldridge practiced today though 😕 Hopefully they play and Pop keeps the lions share of minutes with Poeltl.
  6. Per FantasyLabsNBA twitter Vassell, Johnson, White, and Gay ruled out for Wednesday's game for health and safety. Hope this means Poeltl was spared and we get to see some major minutes! Just gotta hope the Spurs still have 8 guys to play (Derozan also ruled out for personal reasons).
  7. This 100%. I'm the commish in one of my leagues and I'm probably not going to activate any IL+ for this season because what was said above. A guy in our league (14 team) just dropped Millsap because he already has 3 other INJ players and Lowry who's been gtd for two games and hasn't played. For situations like this and all the other tough choices managers have had to make through the first half of the season I don't think adding IL+ now makes sense.
  8. I haven't really followed Barton recently but I don't think Allen's current minute allotment is super safe despite him playing great recently. Melton and Bane will both cut into his minutes and both were back today. I made the switch from Vanderbilt to McDaniels a few days ago and definitely am liking how his ROS is looking with him closing games.
  9. Once you activated the new IL+ spot for your league how did you manage free agent pick ups? You announced a specific time the IL+ would be active and then it was on those who had eligible spots to add free agents as quickly as they could? Or did you implement some kind of priority system?
  10. I checked his stats early in the game too and was a bit underwhelmed by my pickup...I think we can all agree though that he ended up doing okay today in the rebound department
  11. Ya we really need them to announce who the players are. If a guy is out for 2-3 weeks and you're fighting for a playoff spot some guys are prob drops. Need to know asap really but who knows if they'll disclose all the names for privacy purposes (understandable obviously but annoying for us)
  12. What the haters in this thread don't get is that no one here was ever saying you can't complain about your players performing up to ADP. What lethotjames and I and a few others in here are criticizing is people saying he's a drop. People in this thread were legit saying he was a drop 10-15 games into the season because he wasn't playing great lol That's obviously ridiculous and a surefire way to lose in fantasy.
  13. Not sure what to make of this. I was really hoping McDaniels would be the one to eventually start because of his upside in blocks and threes. I wonder if Vanderbilt starting is just a matchup thing or a more permanent move?
  14. It's so quiet in here lol All the amateurs who dropped are avoiding the thread haha
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