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  1. Well lets just hope it's because Gafford played way over his minute allotment yesterday and he can settle into a 25 min role. Even 20 min would be okay for deeper leagues. I'm just happy he played at all in the back to back.
  2. I made the move for McDaniels last night and sure am happy I did! 😁 Had him watch listed since the start of the season praying for this moment to happen haha so there's extra pleasure in getting him on my roster now. Finding the right drop was tough though! Moved Sato for him so we'll see if it would have been better to drop NAW instead. I just wish they would announce Ball is out for the season haha or just have him come back already so I can see what the rotation will look like going forward sooner rather than later.
  3. Per BBM up to 33rd on the season now πŸ™ƒπŸ˜ Last 2 months 15th. Last month 7th!!!!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺ putting up 11.9 pts/ 7.4 reb/ 1.8 ast with 2.9 threes/ 1.9 stl/ 1.8 blk on .491 fg% This is why any manager who knows what they're doing and is in a competitive league will burn an early pick on him (14 teamer, 4th round pick 56/ 10 teamer, 6th round pick 52) and HOLD through all the noise. Every year this thread gives me the most amusement and joy haha πŸ€­πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ You need patience and logic in fantasy which clearly a lot of people early in this thread are severely lacking in. Just gonna keep coming
  4. Thanks. What did you end up doing for your team? Did you drop NAW for McDaniels?
  5. It's just so tough to drop NAW when he's been playing so well. Maybe I can drop Sato instead for McDaniels and keep NAW. I'd lose assists and Sato has a solid floor but might be better to go with two guys who have such high ceilings. I guess the question is are the minutes real for McDaniels? The coach seems to really be talking him up and the minutes in the last 4 games are a great indication. Do we think the minutes above 30 are going to stick?
  6. Here is McDaniels vs NAW for the last 14 days: NAW: 30:34 min 16.4pts/5rebs/2.1ast/1.0stl/1.0blk with 3.4 threes on 0.443 fg 1.7 TO McDaniels: 28:37 min 8.4pts/3.8rebs/1.1ast/0.9stl/1.3blk with 1.1 threes on 0.483 fg 0.1 TO NAW looks quite a bit better other than TO so really it just comes down to what we think happens when Lonzo comes back. To be fair to McDaniels his minutes have really trended up over the last week. His numbers for the last 7 days are as follows: 34 min (4 games) 12.5pts/4.5rebs/1.5ast/0.5stl/2.0blk with 2 threes on 0.507 fg 0.0 TO (that TO stat
  7. Poeltl, Lopez, McDaniels Poeltl is way ahead here. I think McDaniels is pretty close to Lopez though with his inconsistent minutes and how bad he's played all year. Help with McDaniels for NAW? Someone's else post below but I ask the same question re my 14 teamer in the 3rd post. Thanks
  8. I'm in the same boat in my 14 teamer and am leaning towards dropping NAW in favour of McDaniels since his ROS picture seems much clearer as the starter and 30+ minutes. I'm still unsure though lol NAW's stats are tasty and maybe his solid play has earned him 25 min going forward? plus there's the chance Bledsoe's role is reduced going forward. I dunno what to do either lol
  9. I want this guy on my roster! But also have to decide whether to drop NAW haha You make a compelling argument for the move. Only other drop is Sato but he's just so solid. I worry about NAW for when Lonzo returns (though maybe he still gets 25min anyway) whereas McDaniels seems to have the starters spot locked up.
  10. lol ya I really like Mcdaniels but Danny Green is ranked 31st on BBM over the last month and 20th in the last two weeks. Feel like there's got to be a worse player to drop.
  11. Haha okay fair enough I haven’t been following the thread so the comment didn’t seem like a joke when I read it. Anyway, glad you’re on the Moses train too! With Horford gone and the Thunder showing confidence with the big contract this guy should be fun to own to end the season.
  12. Someone posted this above so I thought I would second a thank you to BossRoss (great name btw!). Your post made me look into and pick up Moses a few weeks ago. Thanks for the tip!
  13. No one is saying he's better than Gobert lol or that you'd rather have Moses. Obviously if some fool wants to trade you Gobert for Moses you take it. We said he was Gobert-like because of the high rebounds and blocks. That's it. You said he'd be more like Gobert if he didn't have zero blocks in ONE game lol come on man! I don't see the point in nit picking over one or two games. He's averaging 1.7 blocks a game in March. I'm the g league He averaged 1.9 blocks in less minutes than he's getting now. He blocks shots at a high rate and rebounds. He is Gobert-like.
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