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  1. Bump....if you haven’t done a slow draft before....it’s awesome!
  2. Me and a buddy will join jasuchy@stthomas.edu evanpatrickjohn@gmail.com we can pay via league safe right away
  3. I have been in this league for 4 or 5 years now. It’s a great group of people that have stuck together for many years.
  4. Do you have a draft date set yet? I am in as long as it doesn’t collide with my other auction drafts
  5. I would be up for adding another flex
  6. I have 2 people who will join and pay right away. jasuchy@stthomas.edu evanjohnpatrick@gmail.com
  7. I joined, “team baseball” I can pay leaguesafe once set up send to jasuchy@stthomas.edu
  8. I would be interested, I am up all night so doesn't' matter time. Send it jasuchy@stthomas.edu
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