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  1. Drop for Josh Jackson or Robert williams..... convince me otherwise
  2. Josh jackson Robert williams Bobby portis THJ
  3. 9-cat, 8-team league. Holmes, Bridges (Hornets), Marquese Chriss, Conley, MitchRob Thanks
  4. 9-cat league. WCJ and Marquese Chriss on WW. who’s my drop and who’s the pickup? Have Holmes (IR), Briges (CHA), Conley
  5. My conundrum is my drop would be Ingles...... 🧐
  6. 9-cat 8-teamer Culver MorrisSr Nunn Favors Sexton Conley My dropS would be MitchR or Ingles.
  7. Another disappointment today. 3 blocks were handy, but jeez it’s looking dire......
  8. MRob will turn it around second half. Dropped Serge as Gasol is back aswell as Siakim. Loved owning Ibaka but his production will drop. switched Ibaka to Rob
  9. Dumped in my league but my only drops are Ibaka or Ingles....... 🧐 🤔 who has the worst ROS outlook here??
  10. Simply due to the Siakim Gasol impact?? Ibaka is in scintillating form.......
  11. 9cat 8team league drops would be Ingles, Bryant, Ibaka or JRich.....
  12. 8-team league..... probably gonna have to drop big Holmes (Melo, Miles, Prince, Culver, Washington, Kanter, Dieng, Kuz all on FA list). Make the switch, to whom?
  13. Holding an injured WCJr , with PJ staring at me from the WW....... 🤔
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